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2014-02-28Add v0.3 release documentationDan Handley
Update the readme.md and change-log.md with release information. Also, remove the "Detailed changes since last release" section of the change-log.md since the same information can be found in the GIT commit messages. Fixes ARM-software/tf-issues#22. Change-Id: I968cc8aaf588aa5c34ba8f1c12a5b797a46e04f5
2014-01-20psci: fix affinity level upgrade issueAchin Gupta
The psci implementation does not track target affinity level requests specified during cpu_suspend calls correctly as per the following example. 1. cpu0.cluster0 calls cpu_suspend with the target affinity level as 0 2. Only the cpu0.cluster0 is powered down while cluster0 remains powered up 3. cpu1.cluster0 calls cpu_off to power itself down to highest possible affinity level 4. cluster0 will be powered off even though cpu0.cluster0 does not allow cluster shutdown This patch introduces reference counts at affinity levels > 0 to track the number of cpus which want an affinity instance at level X to remain powered up. This instance can be turned off only if its reference count is 0. Cpus still undergo the normal state transitions (ON, OFF, ON_PENDING, SUSPEND) but the higher levels can only be either ON or OFF depending upon their reference count. The above issue is thus fixed as follows: 1. cluster0's reference count is incremented by two when cpu0 and cpu1 are initially powered on. 2. cpu0.cluster0 calls cpu_suspend with the target affinity level as 0. This does not affect the cluster0 reference count. 3. Only the cpu0.cluster0 is powered down while cluster0 remains powered up as it has a non-zero reference count. 4. cpu1.cluster0 call cpu_off to power itself down to highest possible affinity level. This decrements the cluster0 reference count. 5. cluster0 is still not powered off since its reference count will at least be 1 due to the restriction placed by cpu0. Change-Id: I433dfe82b946f5f6985b1602c2de87800504f7a9
2014-01-20Build system: Fixes #2: Add multi-platform supportRyan Harkin
Move all explicit platform or architecture specific references into a new platform.mk file that is defined for each platform. Change-Id: I9d6320d1ba957e0cc8d9b316b3578132331fa428 Signed-off-by: Ryan Harkin <ryan.harkin@linaro.org>
2014-01-17Probe for GICv3 re-distributors on core bring-upHarry Liebel
The GICv3 distributor can have more ports than CPUs are available in the system. Probe all re-distributors and use the matching affinity levels as specified by each core and re-distributor to decide which re-distributor to use with which CPU core. If a core cannot be matched with a re-distributor, the core panics and is placed in an endless loop. Change-Id: Ie393cfe07c7449a2383959e3c968664882e18afc
2014-01-17Do not trap access to floating point registersHarry Liebel
Traps when accessing architectural features are disabled by clearing bits in CPTR_EL3 during early boot, including accesses to floating point registers. The value of this register was previously undetermined, causing unwanted traps to EL3. Future EL3 code (for example, context save/restore code) may use floating point registers, although they are not used by current code. Also, the '-mgeneral-regs-only' flag is enabled in the GCC settings to prevent generation of code that uses floating point registers. Change-Id: I9a03675f6387bbbee81a6f2c9ccf81150db03747
2014-01-17Update year in copyright text to 2014Dan Handley
Change-Id: Ic7fb61aabae1d515b9e6baf3dd003807ff42da60
2014-01-17Refer to separate issue tracking repositoryDan Handley
Update documentation to refer to separate issue tracking repository, https://github.com/ARM-software/tf-issues/issues. Change-Id: Ib1cef65b0da420bec58290d8743eb069b1226c96
2014-01-17Do not let GCC use built-in functionsHarry Liebel
In order to reduce the software dependency on the compiler, the project is now compiled with the '-ffreestanding' flag. This is to prevent GCC from replacing functions with more optimised versions. An example is where GCC replaces a simple printf() with a puts(). Change-Id: I1973fe6957cd708e8432a0039af9d50e037bd884
2013-12-20Local C library documentation updatesHarry Liebel
- Update porting guide to describe where files live and how to get FreeBSD source code. - Update change-log to describe relocation and new functions. Change-Id: Id8f30cc7bafdd1064b3a5c5aae958c5aa3fb79f3
2013-12-12Remove useless copies of meminfo structuresSandrine Bailleux
Platform setup code has to reserve some memory for storing the memory layout information. It is populated in early platform setup code. blx_get_sec_mem_layout() functions used to return a copy of this structure. This patch modifies blx_get_sec_mem_layout() functions so that they now directly return a pointer to their memory layout structure. It ensures that the memory layout returned by blx_get_sec_mem_layout() is always up-to-date and also avoids a useless copy of the meminfo structure. Also rename blx_get_sec_mem_layout() to blx_plat_sec_mem_layout() to make it clear those functions are platform specific. Change-Id: Ic7a6f9d6b6236b14865ab48a9f5eff545ce56551
2013-12-05psci: update docs with status of cpu_suspend apiAchin Gupta
This patch makes changes to the documents to reflect the current state of play of the psci cpu_suspend function. Change-Id: I086509fb75111b6e9f93b7f6dbcd33cc4591b9f3
2013-12-05remove check on non-secure entrypoint parameterAchin Gupta
In fvp_affinst_on/suspend, the non-secure entrypoint is always expected to lie in the DRAM. This check will not be valid if non-secure code executes directly out of flash e.g. a baremetal test. This patch removes this check. Change-Id: I0436e1138fc394aae8ff1ea59ebe38b46a440b61
2013-12-05psci: fix error due to a non zero context idAchin Gupta
In the previous psci implementation, the psci_afflvl_power_on_finish() function would run into an error condition if the value of the context id parameter in the cpu_on and cpu_suspend psci calls was != 0. The parameter was being restored as the return value of the affinity level 0 finisher function. A non zero context id would be treated as an error condition. This would prevent successful wake up of the cpu from a power down state. Also, the contents of the general purpose registers were not being cleared upon return to the non-secure world after a cpu power up. This could potentially allow the non-secure world to view secure data. This patch ensures that all general purpose registers are set to ~0 prior to the final eret that drops the execution to the non-secure world. The context id is used to initialize the general purpose register x0 prior to re-entry into the non-secure world and is no longer restored as a function return value. A platform helper (platform_get_stack()) has been introduced to facilitate this change. Change-Id: I2454911ffd75705d6aa8609a5d250d9b26fa097c
2013-12-05psci: fix values of incorrectly defined constantsAchin Gupta
This patch fixes the following constant values in the psci.h: 1. The affinity level shift value in the power_state parameter of the cpu_suspend psci call. The previous value was preventing shutdown of the affinity level 1. 2. The values used for affinity state constants (ON, OFF, ON_PENDING). They did not match the values expected to be returned by the affinity_info psci api as mentioned in the spec. 3. The state id shift value in the power_state parameter of the cpu_suspend psci call. Change-Id: I62ed5eb0e9640b4aa97b93923d6630e6b877a097
2013-12-05clear wakeup enable bit upon resuming from suspendAchin Gupta
The FVP specific code that gets called after a cpu has been physically powered on after having been turned off or suspended earlier does not clear the PWRC.PWKUPR.WEN bit. Not doing so causes problems if: a cpu is suspended, woken from suspend, powered down through a cpu_off call & receives a spurious interrupt. Since the WEN bit is not cleared after the cpu woke up from suspend, the spurious wakeup will power the cpu on. Since the cpu_off call clears the jump address in the mailbox this spurious wakeup will cause the cpu to crash. This patch fixes this issue by clearing the WEN bit whenever a cpu is powered up. Change-Id: Ic91f5dffe1ed01d76bc7fc807acf0ecd3e38ce5b
2013-12-05Enable third party contributionsDan Handley
- Add instructions for contributing to ARM Trusted Firmware. - Update copyright text in all files to acknowledge contributors. Change-Id: I9311aac81b00c6c167d2f8c889aea403b84450e5
2013-12-05Update user guide further to linker scripts changesSandrine Bailleux
This patch updates the user guide section about the memory layout. - Explain the verifications that the linker scripts does on the global memory layout. - Refer to the new linker symbols. - Describe the linker symbols exported to the trusted firmware code. Change-Id: I033ab2b867e8b9776deb4185b9986bcb8218f286
2013-11-27Generate build products in sub-directoriesJames Morrissey
A single binary can be compiled using a command such as: make CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-none-elf- bl1 Also make use of brackets consistent in the Makefile. Change-Id: I2180fdb473411ef7cffe39670a7b2de82def812e
2013-11-27Increase default amount of RAM for Base FVPs in FDTsHarry Liebel
- Large RAM-disks may have trouble starting with 2GB of memory. - Increase from 2GB to 4GB in FDT. Change-Id: I12c1b8e5db41114b88c69c48621cb21247a6a6a7
2013-11-27Unmask SError and Debug exceptions.Sandrine Bailleux
Any asynchronous exception caused by the firmware should be handled in the firmware itself. For this reason, unmask SError exceptions (and Debug ones as well) on all boot paths. Also route external abort and SError interrupts to EL3, otherwise they will target EL1. Change-Id: I9c191d2d0dcfef85f265641c8460dfbb4d112092
2013-11-27fvp: Remove unnecessary initializersSandrine Bailleux
Global and static variables are expected to be initialised to zero by default. This is specified by the C99 standard. This patch removes some unnecessary initialisations of such variables. It fixes a compilation warning at the same time: plat/fvp/bl31_plat_setup.c:82:3: warning: missing braces around initializer [-Wmissing-braces] section("tzfw_coherent_mem"))) = {0}; ^ plat/fvp/bl31_plat_setup.c:82:3: warning: (near initialization for ‘ns_entry_info[0]’) [-Wmissing-braces] Note that GCC should not have emitted this warning message in the first place. The C Standard permits braces to be elided around subaggregate initializers. See this GCC bug report: http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=53119 Change-Id: I13cb0c344feb9803bca8819f976377741fa6bc35
2013-11-14Fix documentation issues in v0.2 releaseJames Morrissey
Change-Id: I4e2a9daa97e3be3d2f53894f2ec7947ba6bb3a16
2013-11-14Add Foundation FVP documentationHarry Liebel
Change-Id: I5e47ba96e128d3a793517441f5a6c9f2ccbdfc66
2013-10-25ARMv8 Trusted Firmware release v0.2v0.2Achin Gupta