AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-06Move FVP power driver to FVP platformDan Handley
2014-05-06Move include and source files to logical locationsDan Handley
2014-05-01Merge pull request #50 from vikramkanigiri/vk/tf-issues#26achingupta
2014-04-29Preserve PSCI cpu_suspend 'power_state' parameter.Vikram Kanigiri
2014-04-24Merge pull request #33 from hliebel/hl/secure-memorydanh-arm
2014-04-24FVP secure memory support documentationHarry Liebel
2014-04-24Enable secure memory support for FVPsHarry Liebel
2014-04-24Add TrustZone (TZC-400) driverHarry Liebel
2014-04-22Merge pull request #43 from danh-arm/dh/tf-issues#129danh-arm
2014-04-22Merge pull request #44 from danh-arm/dh/tf-issues#136danh-arm
2014-04-16Merge pull request #45 from danh-arm/dh/tf-issues#114danh-arm
2014-04-16Remove redundant code from bl1_plat_helpers.SDan Handley
2014-04-16Merge pull request #40 from athoelke/at/up-stacks-76-v2danh-arm
2014-04-15Allocate single stacks for BL1 and BL2Andrew Thoelke
2014-04-15Rename FVP "mmap" array to avoid name confusionDan Handley
2014-04-15Merge pull request #36 from athoelke/at/gc-sections-80danh-arm
2014-04-14Move console.c to pl011 specific driver locationDan Handley
2014-04-11Merge pull request #38 from sandrine-bailleux/sb/tf-issue-125danh-arm
2014-04-08Define frequency of system counter in platform codeSandrine Bailleux
2014-04-08Revert "Move architecture timer setup to platform-specific code"Sandrine Bailleux
2014-04-07Merge pull request #35 from sandrine-bailleux/sb/add-missing-include-guarddanh-arm
2014-04-04Merge pull request #34 from danh-arm/dh/new-integration-processdanh-arm
2014-04-03Add missing #include guard in xlat_tables.hSandrine Bailleux
2014-04-01Update contributing.md with new integration processDan Handley
2014-03-26Place assembler functions in separate sectionsAndrew Thoelke
2014-03-26Use --gc-sections during linkAndrew Thoelke
2014-03-26Fix build failure due to a typo in TSPD codeAchin Gupta
2014-03-26Build system: Trigger dependency checking only for build targetsSandrine Bailleux
2014-03-26Initialise UART console in all bootloader stagesVikram Kanigiri
2014-03-26Move console functions out of pl011.cSoby Mathew
2014-03-26Build system: Remove last traces of 'PLAT=all'Sandrine Bailleux
2014-03-26Fix build by correcting asm helper function usage in TSPDVikram Kanigiri
2014-03-26Separate out BL2, BL3-1 and BL3-2 early exception vectors from BL1Sandrine Bailleux
2014-03-26Move per cpu exception stack in BL31 to tzfw_normal_stacksVikram Kanigiri
2014-03-26Add standby state support in PSCI cpu_suspend apiVikram Kanigiri
2014-03-21Semihosting: Fix file mode to load binaries on WindowsSandrine Bailleux
2014-03-21Remove partially qualified asm helper functionsVikram Kanigiri
2014-03-21Fix the disable_mmu codeVikram Kanigiri
2014-03-21TSP: Make the platform-specific makefile mandatorySandrine Bailleux
2014-03-21Fix file_to_uuid() functionSandrine Bailleux
2014-03-21FIP tool: Fix error message for missing FIP filenameSandrine Bailleux
2014-03-21FIP tool: Add support for '--help' option.Sandrine Bailleux
2014-03-21FIP tool: Small optimisation for option parsingSandrine Bailleux
2014-03-20Rework bakery lock with WFE/SEV sequenceJeenu Viswambharan
2014-03-20Specify image entry in linker scriptJeenu Viswambharan
2014-03-20Implement standard calls for TSPJeenu Viswambharan
2014-03-20Implement ARM Standard ServiceJeenu Viswambharan
2014-03-10Move architecture timer setup to platform-specific codeJeenu Viswambharan
2014-03-10Remove unused 'CPU present' flagJeenu Viswambharan
2014-03-05Remove change log instructions from contribution.mdlinarointegrationDan Handley