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2013-12-05Various improvements/cleanups on the linker scriptsSandrine Bailleux
- Check at link-time that bootloader images will fit in memory at run time and that they won't overlap each other. - Remove text and rodata orphan sections. - Define new linker symbols to remove the need for platform setup code to know the order of sections. - Reduce the size of the raw binary images by cutting some sections out of the disk image and allocating them at load time, whenever possible. - Rework alignment constraints on sections. - Remove unused linker symbols. - Homogenize linker symbols names across all BLs. - Add some comments in the linker scripts. Change-Id: I47a328af0ccc7c8ab47fcc0dc6e7dd26160610b9
2013-11-27Treat compiler, assembler and linker warnings as errorsSandrine Bailleux
Change-Id: I56284ebf63bef99de1beb4fd86e2d8b6a7962ac0
2013-11-27Generate build products in sub-directoriesJames Morrissey
A single binary can be compiled using a command such as: make CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-none-elf- bl1 Also make use of brackets consistent in the Makefile. Change-Id: I2180fdb473411ef7cffe39670a7b2de82def812e
2013-11-27Increase default amount of RAM for Base FVPs in FDTsHarry Liebel
- Large RAM-disks may have trouble starting with 2GB of memory. - Increase from 2GB to 4GB in FDT. Change-Id: I12c1b8e5db41114b88c69c48621cb21247a6a6a7
2013-11-27fvp: Remove call to bl2_get_ns_mem_layout() functionSandrine Bailleux
On FVP platforms, for now it is assumed that the normal-world bootloader is already sitting in its final memory location. Therefore, BL2 doesn't need to load it and so it doesn't need to know the extents of the non-trusted DRAM. Change-Id: I33177ab43ca242edc8958f2fa8d994e7cf3e0843
2013-11-27AArch64: Remove EL-agnostic TLB helper functionsSandrine Bailleux
Also, don't invalidate the TLBs in disable_mmu() function, it's better to do it in enable_mmu() function just before actually enabling the MMU. Change-Id: Ib32d6660019b0b2c17254156aad4be67ab4970e1
2013-11-27Unmask SError and Debug exceptions.Sandrine Bailleux
Any asynchronous exception caused by the firmware should be handled in the firmware itself. For this reason, unmask SError exceptions (and Debug ones as well) on all boot paths. Also route external abort and SError interrupts to EL3, otherwise they will target EL1. Change-Id: I9c191d2d0dcfef85f265641c8460dfbb4d112092
2013-11-27fvp: Remove unnecessary initializersSandrine Bailleux
Global and static variables are expected to be initialised to zero by default. This is specified by the C99 standard. This patch removes some unnecessary initialisations of such variables. It fixes a compilation warning at the same time: plat/fvp/bl31_plat_setup.c:82:3: warning: missing braces around initializer [-Wmissing-braces] section("tzfw_coherent_mem"))) = {0}; ^ plat/fvp/bl31_plat_setup.c:82:3: warning: (near initialization for ‘ns_entry_info[0]’) [-Wmissing-braces] Note that GCC should not have emitted this warning message in the first place. The C Standard permits braces to be elided around subaggregate initializers. See this GCC bug report: http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=53119 Change-Id: I13cb0c344feb9803bca8819f976377741fa6bc35
2013-11-27Fix inlining of GIC helper functionsSandrine Bailleux
Change-Id: I27aad560a5da21c0439f3ccc9dc07b026e7c6022
2013-11-27Move generic architectural setup out of blx_plat_arch_setup().Sandrine Bailleux
blx_plat_arch_setup() should only perform platform-specific architectural setup, e.g. enabling the MMU. This patch moves generic architectural setup code out of blx_plat_arch_setup(). Change-Id: I4ccf56b8c4a2fa84909817779a2d97a14aaafab6
2013-11-14Fix documentation issues in v0.2 releaseJames Morrissey
Change-Id: I4e2a9daa97e3be3d2f53894f2ec7947ba6bb3a16
2013-11-14Add Foundation FVP documentationHarry Liebel
Change-Id: I5e47ba96e128d3a793517441f5a6c9f2ccbdfc66
2013-11-14Add GICv3 ITS to FDTsHarry Liebel
- The interrupt addresses need to be updated to work. Change-Id: Icdd00177095ae9e4eb7b13718762f92e29b1465c
2013-11-14Do not enable CCI on Foundation FVPHarry Liebel
- The Foundation FVP only has one cluster and does not have CCI. Change-Id: If91e81ff72c52e448150089c4cfea3e4d6ae1232
2013-11-14FDTs for v5.2 Foundation modelHarry Liebel
- The Foundation FVP is a cut down version of the Base FVP and as such lacks some components. - Three FDTs are provided. fvp-foundation-gicv2legacy-psci: Use this when setting the Foundation FVP to use GICv2. In this mode the GIC is located at the VE location, as described in the VE platform memory map. fvp-foundation-gicv3-psci : Use this when setting the Foundation FVP to use GICv3. In this mode the GIC is located at the Base location, as described in the Base platform memory map. fvp-foundation-gicv2-psci : Use this when setting the Foundation FVP to use GICv3, but Linux is expected to use GICv2 emulation mode. In this mode the GIC is located at the Base location, but the GICv3 is used in GICv2 emulation mode. Change-Id: I9d69bcef35c64cc8f16550efe077f578e55aaae5
2013-11-14Writing to the FVP LED register should be a 32bit access.Harry Liebel
- Writing to this register with a 64bit access can cause a Systen Error Exception on some models. Change-Id: Ibcf5bdf7ab55707db61c16298f25caff50e1ff7e
2013-10-25ARMv8 Trusted Firmware release v0.2v0.2Achin Gupta