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* A restriction in the FVP code which did not allow the non-secure entrypoint
to lie outside the DRAM has been removed.
+* The PSCI CPU_SUSPEND api has been stabilised to an extent where it can be
+ used for entry into power down states with the following restrictions:
+ - Entry into standby states is not supported.
+ - The api is only supported on the AEMv8 Base FVP.
+* The PSCI AFFINITY_INFO api has undergone limited testing on the AEMv8 Base
+ FVP to allow experimental use.
+* Locks corresponding to each affinity level are acquired and released in
+ the correct sequence in the PSCI implementation. Invocation of the PSCI
+ CPU_SUSPEND and CPU_OFF apis simultaneously across cpus & clusters should
+ not result in unexpected behaviour.
ARM Trusted Firmware - version 0.2