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@@ -219,6 +219,15 @@ access to access controlled components. On the Base FVP a TrustZone controller
abstraction layer is initialized which is used to load further bootloader
+#### BL3-0 (System Control Processor Firmware) image load
+Some systems have a separate System Control Processor (SCP) for power, clock,
+reset and system control. BL2 loads the optional BL3-0 image from platform
+storage into a platform-specific region of secure memory. The subsequent
+handling of BL3-0 is platform specific. Typically the image is transferred into
+SCP memory using a platform-specific protocol. The SCP executes BL3-0 and
+signals to the Application Processor (AP) for BL2 execution to continue.
#### BL3-1 (EL3 Runtime Firmware) image load
BL2 loads the BL3-1 image from platform storage into a platform-specific address
diff --git a/tools/fip_create/fip_create.c b/tools/fip_create/fip_create.c
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--- a/tools/fip_create/fip_create.c
+++ b/tools/fip_create/fip_create.c
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ uuid_t uuid_null = {0};
* const char* format_type_str[] = { "RAW", "ELF", "PIC" };
-/* Currently only BL2 and BL31 images are supported. */
+/* The images used depends on the platform. */
static entry_lookup_list_t toc_entry_lookup_list[] = {
{ "Trusted Boot Firmware BL2", UUID_TRUSTED_BOOT_FIRMWARE_BL2,