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authorVikram Kanigiri <vikram.kanigiri@arm.com>2014-05-16 18:48:12 +0100
committerVikram Kanigiri <vikram.kanigiri@arm.com>2014-05-22 16:19:32 +0100
commit6871c5d3a227cb95008a25e90e358ec0ac615222 (patch)
treefe40950e7d517aa673ab2cc11b5255c4268ae291 /plat/fvp/platform.h
parent4112bfa0c223eda73af1cfe57ca7dc926f767dd8 (diff)
Rework memory information passing to BL3-x images
The issues addressed in this patch are: 1. Remove meminfo_t from the common interfaces in BL3-x, expecting that platform code will find a suitable mechanism to determine the memory extents in these images and provide it to the BL3-x images. 2. Remove meminfo_t and bl31_plat_params_t from all FVP BL3-x code as the images use link-time information to determine memory extents. meminfo_t is still used by common interface in BL1/BL2 for loading images Change-Id: I4e825ebf6f515b59d84dc2bdddf6edbf15e2d60f
Diffstat (limited to 'plat/fvp/platform.h')
1 files changed, 11 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/plat/fvp/platform.h b/plat/fvp/platform.h
index 85a74bc..50f1124 100644
--- a/plat/fvp/platform.h
+++ b/plat/fvp/platform.h
@@ -356,7 +356,6 @@ typedef volatile struct mailbox {
struct plat_pm_ops;
struct meminfo;
struct bl31_params;
-struct bl31_plat_params;
struct image_info;
struct entry_point_info;
@@ -364,11 +363,10 @@ struct entry_point_info;
* This structure represents the superset of information that is passed to
* BL31 e.g. while passing control to it from BL2 which is bl31_params
- * and bl31_plat_params and its elements
+ * and another platform specific params
typedef struct bl2_to_bl31_params_mem {
struct bl31_params bl31_params;
- struct bl31_plat_params bl31_plat_params;
struct image_info bl31_image_info;
struct image_info bl32_image_info;
struct image_info bl33_image_info;
@@ -401,12 +399,14 @@ extern int platform_setup_pm(const struct plat_pm_ops **);
extern unsigned int platform_get_core_pos(unsigned long mpidr);
extern void enable_mmu_el1(void);
extern void enable_mmu_el3(void);
-extern void configure_mmu_el1(struct meminfo *mem_layout,
+extern void configure_mmu_el1(unsigned long total_base,
+ unsigned long total_size,
unsigned long ro_start,
unsigned long ro_limit,
unsigned long coh_start,
unsigned long coh_limit);
-extern void configure_mmu_el3(struct meminfo *mem_layout,
+extern void configure_mmu_el3(unsigned long total_base,
+ unsigned long total_size,
unsigned long ro_start,
unsigned long ro_limit,
unsigned long coh_start,
@@ -474,6 +474,12 @@ extern void bl2_plat_set_bl32_ep_info(struct image_info *image,
extern void bl2_plat_set_bl33_ep_info(struct image_info *image,
struct entry_point_info *ep);
+/* Gets the memory layout for BL32 */
+extern void bl2_plat_get_bl32_meminfo(struct meminfo *mem_info);
+/* Gets the memory layout for BL33 */
+extern void bl2_plat_get_bl33_meminfo(struct meminfo *mem_info);
#endif /*__ASSEMBLY__*/