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authorAchin Gupta <achin.gupta@arm.com>2013-11-12 16:40:00 +0000
committerDan Handley <dan.handley@arm.com>2013-12-05 12:28:50 +0000
commitb127cdb879aed2ced388af3cd9481e80c68f3e8c (patch)
treeceb879d87b15ea26d705d87f3a4fdf06e00cb6e5 /drivers/power
parent4a826ddad8ea0fc5ce09709f534efb72cc33611c (diff)
clear wakeup enable bit upon resuming from suspend
The FVP specific code that gets called after a cpu has been physically powered on after having been turned off or suspended earlier does not clear the PWRC.PWKUPR.WEN bit. Not doing so causes problems if: a cpu is suspended, woken from suspend, powered down through a cpu_off call & receives a spurious interrupt. Since the WEN bit is not cleared after the cpu woke up from suspend, the spurious wakeup will power the cpu on. Since the cpu_off call clears the jump address in the mailbox this spurious wakeup will cause the cpu to crash. This patch fixes this issue by clearing the WEN bit whenever a cpu is powered up. Change-Id: Ic91f5dffe1ed01d76bc7fc807acf0ecd3e38ce5b
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2 files changed, 11 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/power/fvp_pwrc.c b/drivers/power/fvp_pwrc.c
index 2b98b05..cbaaa3d 100644
--- a/drivers/power/fvp_pwrc.c
+++ b/drivers/power/fvp_pwrc.c
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ void fvp_pwrc_write_ppoffr(unsigned long mpidr)
bakery_lock_release(mpidr, &pwrc_lock);
-void fvp_pwrc_write_pwkupr(unsigned long mpidr)
+void fvp_pwrc_set_wen(unsigned long mpidr)
bakery_lock_get(mpidr, &pwrc_lock);
mmio_write_32(PWRC_BASE + PWKUPR_OFF,
@@ -85,6 +85,14 @@ void fvp_pwrc_write_pwkupr(unsigned long mpidr)
bakery_lock_release(mpidr, &pwrc_lock);
+void fvp_pwrc_clr_wen(unsigned long mpidr)
+ bakery_lock_get(mpidr, &pwrc_lock);
+ mmio_write_32(PWRC_BASE + PWKUPR_OFF,
+ (unsigned int) mpidr);
+ bakery_lock_release(mpidr, &pwrc_lock);
void fvp_pwrc_write_pcoffr(unsigned long mpidr)
bakery_lock_get(mpidr, &pwrc_lock);
diff --git a/drivers/power/fvp_pwrc.h b/drivers/power/fvp_pwrc.h
index 050c33b..73d36df 100644
--- a/drivers/power/fvp_pwrc.h
+++ b/drivers/power/fvp_pwrc.h
@@ -67,7 +67,8 @@ extern int fvp_pwrc_setup(void);
extern void fvp_pwrc_write_pcoffr(unsigned long);
extern void fvp_pwrc_write_ppoffr(unsigned long);
extern void fvp_pwrc_write_pponr(unsigned long);
-extern void fvp_pwrc_write_pwkupr(unsigned long);
+extern void fvp_pwrc_set_wen(unsigned long);
+extern void fvp_pwrc_clr_wen(unsigned long);
extern unsigned int fvp_pwrc_read_psysr(unsigned long);
extern unsigned int fvp_pwrc_get_cpu_wkr(unsigned long);