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Introduce interrupt handling framework in BL3-1
This patch adds a common handler for FIQ and IRQ exceptions in the BL3-1 runtime exception vector table. This function determines the interrupt type and calls its handler. A crash is reported if an inconsistency in the interrupt management framework is detected. In the event of a spurious interrupt, execution resumes from the instruction where the interrupt was generated. This patch also removes 'cm_macros.S' as its contents have been moved to 'runtime_exceptions.S' Change-Id: I3c85ecf8eaf43a3fac429b119ed0bd706d2e2093
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for implementing the platform GIC API. This API is used by the interrupt
management framework. Default is 2 i.e. version 2.0
+* `IMF_READ_INTERRUPT_ID`: Boolean flag used by the interrupt management
+ framework to enable passing of the interrupt id to its handler. The id is
+ read using a platform GIC API. `INTR_ID_UNAVAILABLE` is passed instead if
+ this option set to 0. Default is 0.
### Creating a Firmware Image Package
FIPs are automatically created as part of the build instructions described in