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Make the BL3-1 crash reporting optional
This patch makes the console crash dump of processor register state optional based on the CRASH_REPORTING make variable. This defaults to only being enabled for DEBUG builds. This can be overridden by setting a different value in the platform makefile or on the make command line. Change-Id: Icfa1b2d7ff0145cf0a85e8ad732f9cee7e7e993f
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entrypoint) or 1 (CPU reset to BL3-1 entrypoint).
The default value is 0.
+* `CRASH_REPORTING`: A non-zero value enables a console dump of processor
+ register state when an unexpected exception occurs during execution of
+ BL3-1. This option defaults to the value of `DEBUG` - i.e. by default
+ this is only enabled for a debug build of the firmware.
### Creating a Firmware Image Package