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psci: fix values of incorrectly defined constants
This patch fixes the following constant values in the psci.h: 1. The affinity level shift value in the power_state parameter of the cpu_suspend psci call. The previous value was preventing shutdown of the affinity level 1. 2. The values used for affinity state constants (ON, OFF, ON_PENDING). They did not match the values expected to be returned by the affinity_info psci api as mentioned in the spec. 3. The state id shift value in the power_state parameter of the cpu_suspend psci call. Change-Id: I62ed5eb0e9640b4aa97b93923d6630e6b877a097
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physically powered up to prevent a spurious wake up from a subsequent cpu
off state.
+* Definitions of some constants related to the PSCI api calls AFFINITY_INFO
+ and CPU_SUSPEND have been corrected.
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