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Increase default amount of RAM for Base FVPs in FDTs
- Large RAM-disks may have trouble starting with 2GB of memory. - Increase from 2GB to 4GB in FDT. Change-Id: I12c1b8e5db41114b88c69c48621cb21247a6a6a7
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@@ -20,6 +20,10 @@ Detailed changes since last release
* Unmask SError and Debug exceptions in the trusted firmware.
Also route external abort and SError interrupts to EL3.
+* The amount of physical RAM available to Linux as specified in the FDTs for
+ Base FVPs have been increased from 2GB to 4GB. This resolves the issue of
+ failing to start user-space when using a RAM-disk file-system.
ARM Trusted Firmware - version 0.2
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@@ -338,10 +338,6 @@ To prepare a VirtioBlock file-system, do the following:
##### Prepare RAM-disk
-NOTE: The RAM-disk option does not currently work with the Linux kernel version
-described above; use the VirtioBlock method instead. For further information
-please see the "Known issues" section in the [Change Log].
To prepare a RAM-disk root file-system, do the following:
1. Download the file-system image: