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Document summary of build options in user guide
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@@ -83,6 +83,9 @@ To build the software for the FVPs, follow these steps:
BL33=<path-to>/<bl33_image> \
make PLAT=fvp all fip
+ See the "Summary of build options" for information on available build
+ options.
By default this produces a release version of the build. To produce a debug
version instead, refer to the "Debugging options" section below. UEFI can be
used as the BL3-3 image, refer to the "Obtaining the normal world software"
@@ -120,6 +123,34 @@ To build the software for the FVPs, follow these steps:
make realclean
+### Summary of build options
+ARM Trusted Firmware build system supports the following build options. Unless
+mentioned otherwise, these options are expected to be specified at the build
+command line and are not to be modified in any component makefiles. Note that
+the build system doesn't track dependency for build options. Therefore, if any
+of the build options are changed from a previous build, a clean build must be
+* `BL33`: Path to BL33 image in the host file system. This is mandatory for
+ `fip` target
+* `CROSS_COMPILE`: Prefix to tool chain binaries. Please refer to examples in
+ this document for usage
+* `DEBUG`: Chooses between a debug and release build. It can take either 0
+ (release) or 1 (debug) as values. 0 is the default
+* `PLAT`: Choose a platform to build ARM Trusted Firmware for. The chosen
+ platform name must be the name of one of the directories under the `plat/`
+ directory other than `common`
+* `SPD`: Choose a Secure Payload Dispatcher component to be built into the
+ Trusted Firmware. The value should be the path to the directory containing
+ SPD source; the directory is expected to contain `spd.mk` makefile
+* `V`: Verbose build. If assigned anything other than 0, the build commands
+ are printed. Default is 0
### Creating a Firmware Image Package