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psci: fix error due to a non zero context id
In the previous psci implementation, the psci_afflvl_power_on_finish() function would run into an error condition if the value of the context id parameter in the cpu_on and cpu_suspend psci calls was != 0. The parameter was being restored as the return value of the affinity level 0 finisher function. A non zero context id would be treated as an error condition. This would prevent successful wake up of the cpu from a power down state. Also, the contents of the general purpose registers were not being cleared upon return to the non-secure world after a cpu power up. This could potentially allow the non-secure world to view secure data. This patch ensures that all general purpose registers are set to ~0 prior to the final eret that drops the execution to the non-secure world. The context id is used to initialize the general purpose register x0 prior to re-entry into the non-secure world and is no longer restored as a function return value. A platform helper (platform_get_stack()) has been introduced to facilitate this change. Change-Id: I2454911ffd75705d6aa8609a5d250d9b26fa097c
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@@ -188,8 +188,9 @@ the implementer chooses. In the ARM FVP port, they are implemented in
bytes) of the largest cache line amongst all caches implemented in the
system. A pointer to this memory should be exported with the name
`platform_normal_stacks`. This pointer is used by the common platform helper
- function `platform_set_stack()` to allocate a stack to each CPU in the
- platform (see [../plat/common/aarch64/platform_helpers.S]).
+ functions `platform_set_stack()` (to allocate a stack for each CPU in the
+ platform) & `platform_get_stack()` (to return the base address of that
+ stack) (see [../plat/common/aarch64/platform_helpers.S]).
2.2 Common optional modifications
@@ -262,6 +263,20 @@ The size of the stack allocated to each CPU is specified by the platform defined
+### Function : platform_get_stack()
+ Argument : unsigned long
+ Return : unsigned long
+This function uses the `platform_normal_stacks` pointer variable to return the
+base address of the stack memory reserved for a CPU. Further details are given
+in the description of the `platform_normal_stacks` variable below. A CPU is
+identified by its `MPIDR`, which is passed as the argument.
+The size of the stack allocated to each CPU is specified by the platform defined
### Function : plat_report_exception()
Argument : unsigned int