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Remove useless copies of meminfo structures
Platform setup code has to reserve some memory for storing the memory layout information. It is populated in early platform setup code. blx_get_sec_mem_layout() functions used to return a copy of this structure. This patch modifies blx_get_sec_mem_layout() functions so that they now directly return a pointer to their memory layout structure. It ensures that the memory layout returned by blx_get_sec_mem_layout() is always up-to-date and also avoids a useless copy of the meminfo structure. Also rename blx_get_sec_mem_layout() to blx_plat_sec_mem_layout() to make it clear those functions are platform specific. Change-Id: Ic7a6f9d6b6236b14865ab48a9f5eff545ce56551
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CPU_SUSPEND and CPU_OFF apis simultaneously across cpus & clusters should
not result in unexpected behaviour.
+* The API to return the memory layout structures for each bootloader stage has
+ undergone change. A pointer to these structures is returned instead of their
+ copy.
ARM Trusted Firmware - version 0.2