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Do not trap access to floating point registers
Traps when accessing architectural features are disabled by clearing bits in CPTR_EL3 during early boot, including accesses to floating point registers. The value of this register was previously undetermined, causing unwanted traps to EL3. Future EL3 code (for example, context save/restore code) may use floating point registers, although they are not used by current code. Also, the '-mgeneral-regs-only' flag is enabled in the GCC settings to prevent generation of code that uses floating point registers. Change-Id: I9a03675f6387bbbee81a6f2c9ccf81150db03747
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separate issue tracking repository
+* Cleared bits in the architectural trap feature register (CPTR_EL3) during
+ early boot to prevent traps when accessing certain registers, including
+ floating point registers. Also added `-mgeneral-regs-only` flag to GCC
+ settings to prevent generation of code using floating point registers.
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