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Rework arithmetic operations in Test Secure Payload
This patch reworks the service provided by the TSP to perform common arithmetic operations on a set of arguments provided by the non-secure world. For a addition, division, subtraction & multiplication operation requested on two arguments in x0 and x1 the steps are: 1. TSPD saves the non-secure context and passes the operation and its arguments to the TSP. 2. TSP asks the TSPD to return the same arguments once again. This exercises an additional SMC path. 3. TSP now has two copies of both x0 and x1. It performs the operation on the corresponding copies i.e. in case of addition it returns x0+x0 and x1+x1. 4. TSPD receives the result, saves the secure context, restores the non-secure context and passes the result back to the non-secure client. Change-Id: I6eebfa2ae0a6f28b1d2e11a31f575c7a4b96724b Co-authored-by: Jeenu Viswambharan <jeenu.viswambharan@arm.com>
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