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Preserve PSCI cpu_suspend 'power_state' parameter.
This patch saves the 'power_state' parameter prior to suspending a cpu and invalidates it upon its resumption. The 'affinity level' and 'state id' fields of this parameter can be read using a set of public and private apis. Validation of power state parameter is introduced which checks for SBZ bits are zero. This change also takes care of flushing the parameter from the cache to main memory. This ensures that it is available after cpu reset when the caches and mmu are turned off. The earlier support for saving only the 'affinity level' field of the 'power_state' parameter has also been reworked. Fixes ARM-Software/tf-issues#26 Fixes ARM-Software/tf-issues#130 Change-Id: Ic007ccb5e39bf01e0b67390565d3b4be33f5960a
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