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authorAchin Gupta <achin.gupta@arm.com>2014-01-16 12:08:03 +0000
committerDan Handley <dan.handley@arm.com>2014-02-17 18:51:44 +0000
commit9ac63c59c4b6de7e48a6702ad799dc961a4fd6de (patch)
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Add helper library for cpu context management
This patch introduces functions for saving and restoring shared system registers between secure and non-secure EL1 exception levels, VFP registers and essential EL3 system register and other state. It also defines the 'cpu_context' data structure which will used for saving and restoring execution context for a given security state. These functions will allow runtime services like PSCI and Secure payload dispatcher to implement logic for switching between the secure and non-secure states. The save and restore functions follow AArch64 PCS and only use caller-saved temporary registers. Change-Id: I8ee3aaa061d3caaedb28ae2c5becb9a206b6fd74
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diff --git a/bl31/bl31.mk b/bl31/bl31.mk
index f7c2168..9df7128 100644
--- a/bl31/bl31.mk
+++ b/bl31/bl31.mk
@@ -63,7 +63,8 @@ BL31_OBJS += bl31_arch_setup.o \
gic_v3_sysregs.o \
bakery_lock.o \
runtime_svc.o \
- early_exceptions.o
+ early_exceptions.o \
+ context.o
BL31_ENTRY_POINT := bl31_entrypoint
BL31_MAPFILE := bl31.map