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Remove change log instructions from contribution.mdlinarointegration
Remove the instructions to update the change log from contribution.md. The change log no longer contains a "Detailed changes since last release" section. Also, update the documentation links following recent documentation changes. Change-Id: Id9df43d666f7f9a60dcc6f663a8a85cdd2ff7cc4
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@@ -61,11 +61,8 @@ Making Changes
[automatically closed] when merged into the [arm-trusted-firmware] `master`
* Where appropriate, please update the documentation.
- * Consider whether the [User Guide] or [Porting Guide] need updating.
- * Changes that have a material impact on behavior or programming
- interfaces should have an entry at the end of the "[Detailed changes
- since last release]" section of the [Change Log]. Minor changes (e.g.
- basic refactoring or typo fixes) do not need an entry.
+ * Consider whether the [User Guide], [Porting Guide], [Firmware Design] or
+ other in-source documentation needs updating.
* If this is your first contribution, you may add your name or your
company name to the [Acknowledgements] file.
* For topics with multiple commits, you should make all documentation
@@ -98,11 +95,10 @@ Submitting Changes
_Copyright (c) 2013-2014, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved._
-[Change Log]: ./docs/change-log.md
-[Detailed changes since last release]: ./docs/change-log.md#detailed-changes-since-last-release
[User Guide]: ./docs/user-guide.md
-[Running the software]: ./docs/user-guide.md#running-the-software
+[Running the software]: ./docs/user-guide.md#6--running-the-software
[Porting Guide]: ./docs/porting-guide.md
+[Firmware Design]: ./docs/firmware-design.md
[Acknowledgements]: ./acknowledgements.md "Contributor acknowledgements"
[contributing page]: http://www.arm.com/community/open-source-contributing.php