BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterandroid x15-v2: update boot prompt to support AOSP P and masterYongqin Liu10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-05-30android x15-v2: update boot prompt to support AOSP P and masterHEADmasterYongqin Liu
2018-05-17android hikey-v2 & x15-v2: update cts package version to 8.1-r5Yongqin Liu
2018-05-11android-hikey: update the ptable for vendor imageYongqin Liu
2018-05-03android lcr hikey-v2 & x15-v2: update to cts version to 8.1_r4Yongqin Liu
2018-05-02android/x15-v2: fix the error on boot url specificationYongqin Liu
2018-04-28android x15 lcr: update for 4.14 and FIT image supportYongqin Liu
2018-04-05move all hikey devices to new LAVA device-typeMilosz Wasilewski
2018-03-27android hikey & x15 cts and vts package url: update to use http://testdata.li...Yongqin Liu
2018-03-21Merge "hikey-v2: add wifi info for basic ping and glbenchmark25 test"Dan Rue
2018-03-15hikey-v2 & x15-v2: update to use android-cts-8.1_r3 for cts testYongqin Liu