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+.. _installation:
+The following debian packages are needed to use LAVA Test:
+* python-setuptools
+* python-apt
+* usbutils
+* python-testrepository - for running unit tests
+* python-sphinx - for building documentation
+Installation Options
+There are several installation options available:
+Using Python Package Index
+This package is being actively maintained and published in the `Python Package
+Index <http://http://pypi.python.org>`_. You can install it if you have `pip
+<http://pip.openplans.org/>`_ tool using just one line::
+ pip install lava-android-test
+Using source tarball
+To install from source you must first obtain a source tarball from either pypi
+or from `Launchpad <http://launchpad.net/>`_. To install the package unpack the
+tarball and run::
+ python setup.py install
+You can pass ``--user`` if you prefer to do a local (non system-wide)
+installation. Note that executable programs are placed in ``~/.local/bin/`` and
+this directory is not on ``PATH`` by default.
+Installing for development
+An easy way to set things up for local development is to create a python
+virtualenv. You can create the virtualenv anyway in your filesystem. In
+the example below, its simply put under the bzr repo where development
+is being done from::
+ bzr branch lp:lava-android-test
+ cd lava-android-test
+ virtualenv .venv ; . ./venv/bin/activate
+ pip install keyring
+ ./setup.py develop