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+LAVA Android Test Documentation
+LAVA Android Test is a wrapper framework exposing unified API and command line
+interface for running arbitrary tests and storing the results in a structured
+LAVA Android Test is a part of the LAVA stack and can be used with other LAVA
+components, most notably the dispatcher (for setting up the test environment
+and controlling execution of multiple tests) and the dashboard (for storing)
+.. seealso:: To learn more about LAVA see https://launchpad.net/lava
+Indices and tables
+.. toctree::
+ :maxdepth: 2
+ installation.rst
+ usage.rst
+ tests.rst
+ reference.rst
+ changes.rst
+ todo.rst
+* Ability to enumerate, install, run and remove tests on a Linux-based system.
+* Support for benchmarks as well as pass/fail tests.
+* Support for capturing android environment information such as installed packages and
+ hardware information and recording that in a machine-readable manner.
+* Store results in raw form (log files) as well as Linaro Dashboard Bundle
+ format that can be uploaded to the LAVA Dashboard for archiving and analysis.
+* Extensible API for adding new tests (:class:`~lava_android_test.api.ITest`)
+* Ever-growing collection of freely available and generic tests and benchmarks
+This example will run on Ubuntu Lucid and beyond. we should better to install it
+in an virtual environment, so that it will not mess up with the system environment::
+ $ virtualenv ${workspace} ### create the virtual environment
+ $ source ${workspace}/bin/activate ### enter the virtual environment
+ $ pip install --upgrade lava-android-test ### install the latest package to the the virtual environment
+ $ lava-android-test install monkey ### install the test named monkey
+ $ lava-android-test run monkey ### run the monkey test
+ $ virtualenv ${workspace} ### exit the virtual environment
+.. seealso:: For a more thorough description see :ref:`usage`
+.. seealso:: For detailed installation istructions see :ref:`installation`
+Latest documentation
+This documentation may be out of date, see
+http://validation.linaro.org/static/docs/lava-android-test/ or the
+Documentation link on any LAVA instance to learn more.
+Source code, bugs and patches
+The project is maintained on Launchpad at http://launchpad.net/lava-android-test/.
+You can get the source code with bazaar using ``bzr branch lp:lava-android-test``.
+Patches can be submitted using Launchpad merge proposals (for introduction to
+this and topic see https://help.launchpad.net/Code/Review).
+Please report all bugs at https://bugs.launchpad.net/lava-android-test/+filebug.
+Most of the team is usually available in ``#linaro`` on ``irc.freenode.net``.
+Feel free to drop by to chat and ask questions.
+* :ref:`genindex`
+* :ref:`modindex`
+* :ref:`search`