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+h2. About the Linaro Confectionary Release for Versatile Express (Aarch32)
+The Linaro Confectionary release is based on the AOSP Lollipop Android-5.1.0_r1 version. This reference build is a userdebug variant build, and it contains support allowing full use of the 32-bit ARMv7-A architecture and supports the 32-bit applications, with SELinux enabled by default. The release uses the Linaro Stable Kernel version 3.10. The sources are built using Android (AOSP) GCC 4.8. To disable SELinux pass "selinux=0" as the boot parameter in the UEFI bootargs configuration.
+The Android AOSP software provided in this release is functionally tested with CTS version 5.0 and the CTS results are shared with members. The BIONIC component is validated with Android BIONIC tests. Android Monkey tests were run for stress testing. We also added some benchmark test to observe the performance trend in various field.
+Sources are also made available so you can build your own images (see the "Building from Source tab":
+h3. What is new
+* Android source changed to based on the Lollipop Android-5.0.2_r1 version
+* Verified with application-benchmark test on LAVA.
+h2. About the Android flavour of Linaro Stable Kernel (LSK)
+The kernel used by Linaro Confectionary Release for Versatile Express is the Android flavour Linaro Stable Kernel (LSK), which is produced, validated and released by Linaro and is based on the Linux stable kernel tree. The LSK focuses on quality and stability and is therefore a great foundation for product development. It also includes backports of commonly desired features, provided they meet the quality requirements, and also any bug fixes.
+Sources are also made available so you can build your own images (see the "'Building from Source'":
+h2. Support
+Subscribe to the important Linaro mailing lists and join our IRC channels to stay on top of Linaro development.
+* Linaro Android Development "'Mailing list'":
+* Linaro Android IRC channel on at #linaro-android
+* Landing Team bug reports should be filed in "'Bugzilla'": under linaro-android product and Linaro Confectionery Release component.
+** You will need to login to your Linaro account. If you do not have an account or are having problems, email for help.
+* More general bug reports should be filed in Bugzilla against the individual packages that are affected.
+* Questions? "'ask linaro'":
+* Interested in commercial support? inquire at "'Linaro Support'"
+h2. Android Patch Summary
+The following list of patches developed by ARM and Linaro engineering teams were applied to get Android booting to UI on the ARMv8-A Juno development platform. These patches can be found on Linaro's Android Git repositories via file "LOLLIPOP-STABLE-PATCHSET": Some of these patches have been submitted to AOSP and are being tracked for acceptance.
+* "add file to make Bionic libc test integrated":
+* "fixed the browser preference problem":
+* "fix bootchart can not be triggered problem":
+* "add policy rules for bootchart":
+Any patches can be contributed through the instructions described "Here":
+h2. Known Issues and Limitations
+h3. Known limitations
+* SW rendering for user interface only - there is no hardware accelerated graphics
+h3. Known issues
+The following known issues are present in this release. Please contact "" if you wish to know more information about these issues or have access problems when attempting to view them.
+| *Bug ID* | *Bug title* | *Bug summary* |
+| "Bug 1069": | ethernet is not stable on tc2 | |
+| "Bug 1015": | monkey long run test fails on TC2 LCR build | |
+| "Bug 997": | glslparser test suite partially passes on 14.12 LCR | some glsl syntax in test are not recognized by Mali driver |
+| "Bug 993": | EVDEV failures in linaro android kernel test suite on 14.12 LCR build | |
+| "Bug 224": | Corrupted png files can cause crashes in gallery | The stock Gallery application crashes when displaying known corrupt PNG files. |
+| "Bug 222": | Dev Tools crashes on startup | Dev Tools app fails to instantiate class from /system/app/Development.apk |
+| "Bug 64": | Test test_pthread_rwlock from bionic libc test suite fails on Juno build - LAVA | |