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+Release is generally the last thursday of the month.
+Code freeze happens on the friday before that. Which would be third friday of the month.
+This holds true for all months except for December where the release is before christmas holidays.
+Checklist for Release notes
+ need to prepare 3 release notes for juno, fvp and vexpress
+ for the bug list, make it match the test report
+ mention “3.10 Android flavour of LSK” instead of LSK only
+ some words like reference builds ok! please avoid stable android release
+ send out mail to Koen and cc Fathi/Vishal to deploy
+ schedule a meeting with Jakub for release note check and bug triage before release
+ webside update:
+Tasks for LCR Maintainer from Android team
+ prepare release notes for 3 builds to Koen and cc Fathi/Vishal (will not be every month?)
+ Apply new features and bug fixes
+ who should decide which change/feature should be accepted
+ Manage bugs for 3 release builds
+ whom should the bugs be assigned to?
+ Manage Tests for 3 builds on LAVA (job templates, test definitions, new test addition)
+ Job template updates
+ like update for boot option
+ add new tests
+ follow up firmware update
+ lava bug report
+Tasks for B&B from LCR Maintainer
+ Vishal creates release when necessary, will not release monthly
+ Upgrade to new version when google released/requested (REQ)
+ manage 3 builds on android-build
+ add other platforms when required/requested (REQ)
+ deploy build artifacts and release notes to