BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
brillochanges for brilloYongqin Liu2 years
hikey-opteeadd flash-all.shYongqin Liu3 years
lollipopupdate some with some fixesYongqin Liu3 years
masteradd support for hikey960Yongqin Liu9 days
n-previewsome improvements for n-preview syncYongqin Liu3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 daysadd support for hikey960HEADmasterYongqin Liu
2019-04-03am65x: add link to u-boot descriptionYongqin Liu
2019-03-25add flash script for am65xYongqin Liu
2019-03-08update to r34 for sync-p.shYongqin Liu
2019-03-08update x15 build pvr with 7.2 gccYongqin Liu
2019-03-07update repo-url to be used for repo initYongqin Liu
2019-03-05update kernel build scriptsYongqin Liu update to use android-9.0.0_r33 tagYongqin Liu
2019-02-24update x15 build scripts and build.shYongqin Liu
2019-02-14update kernel build script for x15/hikeyYongqin Liu