BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastervexpress: Enable support to boot zImage and plain ramdiskVishal Bhoj6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-10-25vexpress: Enable support to boot zImage and plain ramdiskHEADmasterVishal Bhoj
2012-09-27LINARO: enable u-boot APIJohn Rigby
2012-09-27PXE: fix compile warningJohn Rigby
2012-09-24snowball: Setting address for FDT and initrd correctly.Mathieu J. Poirier
2012-09-21snowball: Adding config flag for device tree supportMathieu J. Poirier
2012-09-07snowball: Clear UART RX FIFOramesh.chandrasekaran
2012-08-27Revert "mmc: support the sdhci instead of s5p_mmc for samsung-soc"John Rigby
2012-08-27Revert "ARM: SAMSUNG: support sdhci controller"John Rigby
2012-08-21Revert "ARM: OMAP4/5: Do not configure non essential pads, clocks, dplls."John Rigby
2012-08-17Revert "armv7: adapt omap3 to the new cache maintenance framework"Ricardo Salveti de Araujo