AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-11-04Move reference from device/linaro/common to device/linaro/buildlinaro-lVishal Bhoj
2014-10-29init_shell.te: remove init_shell.te from sepolicy directoryYongqin Liu
2014-10-16bionic test: update according to change on upstream for bionic libc testYongqin Liu change to use ndc command to set dns serverYongqin Liu
2014-09-25shell.te: remove the hacks for ping/ifconfig/netcfgYongqin Liu
2014-09-24sepolicy: add policies for running kernel test under eng buildYongqin Liu
2014-09-10selinux.conf: make selinux enabled by defaultYongqin Liu
2014-08-19sepolicy: add some policies for lava and for warnings on consoleYongqin Liu
2014-08-19surfaceflinger.te: give surfaceflinger permission to set debug_prop:property_...Yongqin Liu
2014-08-13common: update list of available codecsEdmund Szeto add target to build tarball files for selinuxYongqin Liu
2014-07-21bionic-libc-test: delete not exist testYongqin Liu
2014-07-20selinux.conf: enable selinux in selinux.confYongqin Liu
2014-07-14selinux.conf: disable CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROCYongqin Liu
2014-07-13linux.conf: move to common and use boot parameterYongqin Liu
2014-06-26sepolicy: add sepolicy files to support selinux enablingYongqin Liu
2014-06-16making .dtb as .img fileharigopal-gollamudi
2014-06-04Merge "tasks/ set KERNEL_TOOLS_PREFIX to absolute path" into linaro-kkVishal Bhoj set BIONIC_TESTS to trueYongqin Liu
2014-06-04tasks/ set KERNEL_TOOLS_PREFIX to absolute pathYongqin Liu
2014-05-22Fix the inclusion of ZeroXBenchmark and friendsVishal Bhoj do not run disable_suspend on junoAmit Pundir
2014-05-17unit test: integrate unit testsYongqin Liu make PRE_BOOT_FILES dependency of boottarballYongqin Liu
2014-05-13bootfiles: do not copy pre-boot files for fvp modelsAmit Pundir
2014-05-08Build dtb as part of driodcore for TI-Vayu-J6 & tar of itharigopal-gollamudi
2014-05-06Creating dtb tar file for TI-J6-Vayuharigopal-gollamudi
2014-04-28Typo error in uboot.mkharigopal-gollamudi
2014-04-25CI board bringup for TI-Vayu-J6harigopal-gollamudi
2014-04-22tasks skip kernel task if TARGET_PREBUILT_KERNEL is setAmit Pundir
2014-03-20add ssh-keygenVishal Bhoj configure uefi toolchain from board configAmit Pundir
2014-03-07enable openssh serverharigollamudi
2014-03-05kernel: Pass LOADADDR whenever availableVishal Bhoj
2014-03-05Try building gator only when availableVishal Bhoj
2014-03-05Revert "Try building gator only when available"Vishal Bhoj
2014-03-05Try building gator only when availableVishal Bhoj Provide module and dtb building with right toolchain pathharigollamudi
2014-02-24arndale_octa: Update LOADADDRTushar Behera
2014-02-24arndale_octa: Update list of bootfilesTushar Behera
2014-02-20Deal with a relative KERNEL_TOOLS_PREFIX settingBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2014-02-06common: enable ion-unit-testsVishal Bhoj
2014-02-05common: Enable iontestVishal Bhoj
2014-02-04Add Nexus 10 instructionsBernhard Rosenkränzer
2014-02-03howto: juice-aosp: update build instructionsAmit Pundir
2014-01-28Revert "Reverting nfacct since it is still broken."Mathieu Poirier
2014-01-22compile gator in the kernel ciVishal Bhoj
2014-01-22Reverting nfacct since it is still broken.Vishal Bhoj
2014-01-20nfacct: Adding support to nfacct userspace toolMathieu Poirier
2013-12-17Update N7 instructionsBernhard Rosenkränzer