BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
add-arm_probe-instrumentAdd arm energy probe instrumentVincent Guittot11 months
daq-fix-resistor_valuesdaq: fix resistor_values parameters listVincent Guittot11 months
masterRevert "wa/apk_workloads: Update to not specify a default apk version."Vincent Guittot17 hours
nextadd more trace eventsVincent Guittot14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
17 hoursRevert "wa/apk_workloads: Update to not specify a default apk version."HEADmasterVincent Guittot
34 hourstmp fixVincent Guittot
6 daysoutput_processors/postgresql: Add missing defaultMarc Bonnici
11 daysworkloads/chrome: Fix for tablet devicesMarc Bonnici
11 dayswa/apk_workloads: Update to not specify a default apk version.Marc Bonnici
11 daysfw/workload: Add "support_versions" attribute to workloadsMarc Bonnici
11 daysfw/resource: Support matching APKs on multiple versions.Marc Bonnici
11 daysfw/workload: Use apk version for workload if not set.Marc Bonnici
2019-02-05fw/output: add label property to MetricSergei Trofimov
2019-02-04Fixed an error emptying the reading buffer of the pollerpablololo12