BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
wa-templates-testadd more iterations per testVincent Guittot10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-18add more iterations per testwa-templates-testVincent Guittot
2018-06-18trace-cmd: disable unused trace-cmdVincent Guittot
2018-05-28Update workloads in the v3 AEP agendaLisa Nguyen
2018-05-16Add workload parameters for vellamoLisa Nguyen
2018-05-16Update the trace-cmd parameters in v3 AEP agendaLisa Nguyen
2018-05-07Add additional exoplayer workloads to v3 AEP agendaLisa Nguyen
2018-05-07Use WA_EXTENSION_PATHS instead of WA_PLUGIN_PATHSLisa Nguyen
2018-04-19Add exoplayer workload to v3 AEP agendaLisa Nguyen
2018-04-18Add jankbench workload to v3 AEP agendaLisa Nguyen
2018-04-18Debug: Run one iteration of each workload instead of fiveLisa Nguyen