path: root/tools/testing/selftests/kvm/lib
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-24KVM: selftests: Wrap vcpu_nested_state_get/set functions with x86 guardThomas Huth
2019-05-24kvm: selftests: aarch64: compile with warnings onAndrew Jones
2019-05-24kvm: selftests: aarch64: fix default vm modeAndrew Jones
2019-05-24KVM: selftests: Compile code with warnings enabledThomas Huth
2019-05-24kvm: selftests: avoid type punningPaolo Bonzini
2019-05-08tests: kvm: Add tests for KVM_SET_NESTED_STATEAaron Lewis
2019-04-16selftests: kvm: add a selftest for SMMVitaly Kuznetsov
2019-04-16selftests: kvm/evmcs_test: complete I/O before migrating guest statePaolo Bonzini
2019-03-28KVM: selftests: complete IO before migrating guest stateSean Christopherson
2019-01-25kvm: selftests: Fix region overlap check in kvm_utilBen Gardon
2018-12-21kvm: selftests: ucall: fix exit mmio address guessingAndrew Jones
2018-12-21kvm: selftests: aarch64: dirty_log_test: support greater than 40-bit IPAsAndrew Jones
2018-12-21kvm: selftests: add pa-48/va-48 VM modesAndrew Jones
2018-12-14kvm: selftests: ucall: improve ucall placement in memory, fix unsigned compar...Paolo Bonzini
2018-12-14KVM: selftests: implement an unchecked version of vcpu_ioctl()Vitaly Kuznetsov
2018-12-14kvm: introduce manual dirty log reprotectPaolo Bonzini
2018-10-28Merge tag 'linux-kselftest-4.20-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/ke...Linus Torvalds
2018-10-24kvm: selftests: fix spelling mistake "Insufficent" -> "Insufficient"Colin Ian King
2018-10-17KVM: selftests: add Enlightened VMCS testVitaly Kuznetsov
2018-10-17KVM: selftests: state_test: test bare VMXON migrationVitaly Kuznetsov
2018-10-17kvm: selftests: stop lying to aarch64 tests about PA-bitsAndrew Jones
2018-10-17kvm: selftests: introduce new VM mode for 64K pagesAndrew Jones
2018-10-17kvm: selftests: add vcpu support for aarch64Andrew Jones
2018-10-17kvm: selftests: add virt mem support for aarch64Andrew Jones
2018-10-17kvm: selftests: add vm_phy_pages_allocAndrew Jones
2018-10-17kvm: selftests: tidy up kvm_utilAndrew Jones
2018-10-17kvm: selftests: move arch-specific files to arch-specific locationsAndrew Jones
2018-10-17kvm: selftests: introduce ucallAndrew Jones
2018-10-17kvm: selftests: vcpu_setup: set cr4.osfxsrAndrew Jones
2018-09-20kvm: selftests: Add platform_info_testDrew Schmitt
2018-08-22kvm: selftest: add dirty logging testPeter Xu
2018-08-22kvm: selftest: pass in extra memory when create vmPeter Xu
2018-08-22kvm: selftest: include the tools headersPeter Xu
2018-08-22kvm: selftest: unify the guest port macrosPeter Xu
2018-08-06KVM: selftests: add tests for shadow VMCS save/restorePaolo Bonzini
2018-08-06kvm: selftests: add test for nested state save/restorePaolo Bonzini
2018-08-06kvm: selftests: add basic test for state save and restorePaolo Bonzini
2018-08-06kvm: selftests: ensure vcpu file is releasedPaolo Bonzini
2018-08-06kvm: selftests: actually use all of lib/vmx.cPaolo Bonzini
2018-08-06kvm: selftests: create a GDT and TSSPaolo Bonzini
2018-05-30selftests: kvm: return Kselftest Skip code for skipped testsShuah Khan (Samsung OSG)
2018-05-11KVM: selftests: exit with 0 status code when tests cannot be runPaolo Bonzini
2018-04-16kvm: selftests: add vmx_tsc_adjust_testPaolo Bonzini
2018-04-10kvm: selftests: fix spelling mistake: "divisable" and "divisible"Colin Ian King
2018-04-04kvm: selftests: add sync_regs_testPaolo Bonzini
2018-04-04kvm: selftests: add API testing infrastructurePaolo Bonzini