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2018-11-11tipc: improve broadcast retransmission algorithmLUU Duc Canh
2018-11-11net: sched: register callbacks for indirect tc block bindsJohn Hurley
2018-11-10sctp: Fix SKB list traversal in sctp_intl_store_ordered().David S. Miller
2018-11-10sctp: Fix SKB list traversal in sctp_intl_store_reasm().David S. Miller
2018-11-10iucv: Remove SKB list assumptions.David S. Miller
2018-11-10OVS: remove VLAN_TAG_PRESENT - fixupMichał Mirosław
2018-11-09udp6: cleanup stats accounting in recvmsg()Paolo Abeni
2018-11-09net: tcp: remove BUG_ON from tcp_v4_errLi RongQing
2018-11-08net: sched: red: inform offloads about harddrop settingJakub Kicinski
2018-11-08tcp_bbr: update comments to reflect pacing_margin_percentNeal Cardwell
2018-11-08ipv4/tunnel: use __vlan_hwaccel helpersMichał Mirosław
2018-11-08bridge: use __vlan_hwaccel helpersMichał Mirosław
2018-11-088021q: use __vlan_hwaccel helpersMichał Mirosław
2018-11-08nfnetlink/queue: use __vlan_hwaccel helpersMichał Mirosław
2018-11-08net/core: use __vlan_hwaccel helpersMichał Mirosław
2018-11-08net: move __skb_checksum_complete*() to skbuff.cCong Wang
2018-11-08net: 8021q: vlan_core: allow use list of vlans for real deviceIvan Khoronzhuk
2018-11-08net: core: dev_addr_lists: add auxiliary func to handle reference address upd...Ivan Khoronzhuk
2018-11-08OVS: remove use of VLAN_TAG_PRESENTMichał Mirosław
2018-11-08sock: Reset dst when changing sk_mark via setsockoptDavid Barmann
2018-11-08openvswitch: remove BUG_ON from get_dpdevLi RongQing
2018-11-08fou, fou6: ICMP error handlers for FoU and GUEStefano Brivio
2018-11-08udp: Support for error handlers of tunnels with arbitrary destination portStefano Brivio
2018-11-08net: Convert protocol error handlers from void to intStefano Brivio
2018-11-08udp: Handle ICMP errors for tunnels with same destination port on both endpointsStefano Brivio
2018-11-08net/ipv6: compute anycast address hash only if dev is nullLi RongQing
2018-11-08net: sched: prio: delay destroying child qdiscs on changeJakub Kicinski
2018-11-08net: sched: red: delay destroying child qdisc on replaceJakub Kicinski
2018-11-08net: sched: refactor grafting Qdiscs with a parentJakub Kicinski
2018-11-08net: sched: add an offload graft helperJakub Kicinski
2018-11-08net: sched: set TCQ_F_OFFLOADED flag for MQJakub Kicinski
2018-11-08net: sched: red: remove unnecessary red_dump_offload_stats parameterJakub Kicinski
2018-11-08net: sched: add an offload dump helperJakub Kicinski
2018-11-07net/vlan: include the shift in skb_vlan_tag_get_prio()Michał Mirosław
2018-11-07inet: minor optimization for backlog setting in listen(2)Yafang Shao
2018-11-07net: vlan: add support for tunnel offloadDavide Caratti
2018-11-07udp: cope with UDP GRO packet misdirectionPaolo Abeni
2018-11-07ipv6: factor out protocol delivery helperPaolo Abeni
2018-11-07ip: factor out protocol delivery helperPaolo Abeni
2018-11-07udp: add support for UDP_GRO cmsgPaolo Abeni
2018-11-07udp: implement GRO for plain UDP sockets.Paolo Abeni
2018-11-07udp: implement complete book-keeping for encap_neededPaolo Abeni
2018-11-07ipv6: do not drop vrf udp multicast packetsDewi Morgan
2018-11-07ipv6: handling of multicast packets received in VRFMike Manning
2018-11-07ipv6: allow ping to link-local address in VRFMike Manning
2018-11-07net: fix raw socket lookup device bind matching with VRFsDuncan Eastoe
2018-11-07net: provide a sysctl raw_l3mdev_accept for raw socket lookup with VRFsMike Manning
2018-11-07net: ensure unbound datagram socket to be chosen when not in a VRFMike Manning
2018-11-07net: ensure unbound stream socket to be chosen when not in a VRFMike Manning
2018-11-07net: allow binding socket in a VRF when there's an unbound socketRobert Shearman