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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-16cfg80211: reg: make CRDA support optionalJohannes Berg
2015-04-08cfg80211: don't allow disabling WEXT if it's requiredJohannes Berg
2015-02-28cfg80211-wext: export symbols only when neededJohannes Berg
2014-12-30Revert "cfg80211: make WEXT compatibility unselectable"Jiri Kosina
2014-11-28cfg80211: make WEXT compatibility unselectableJohannes Berg
2014-07-21wireless: fixup genregdb.awk for remove of antenna gain from wireless-regdLuis R. Rodriguez
2014-04-09cfg80211: Enable GO operation on additional channelsIlan Peer
2014-04-09cfg80211: Add Kconfig option for cellular BS hintsIlan Peer
2012-11-16lib80211: hide Kconfig symbolJohannes Berg
2012-07-17cfg80211: add CONFIG_CFG80211_CERTIFICATION_ONUSLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-06-05cfg80211: deprecate CFG80211_WEXTJohannes Berg
2012-06-05wireless: remove wext sysfsJohannes Berg
2011-12-07wireless: disable wext sysfs by defaultJohannes Berg
2011-01-20kconfig: rename CONFIG_EMBEDDED to CONFIG_EXPERTDavid Rientjes
2009-12-28wireless: remove CONFIG_WIRELESS_OLD_REGULATORYJohn W. Linville
2009-12-21wireless: support internal statically compiled regulatory databaseJohn W. Linville
2009-11-19cfg80211: convert bools into flagsJohannes Berg
2009-10-07wext: refactorJohannes Berg
2009-09-08wireless: update cfg80211 kconfig entryLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-09-02wireless: update reg debug kconfig entryLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-08-28cfg80211: make spurious warnings less likely, configurableJohannes Berg
2009-07-10cfg80211: implement iwpowerJohannes Berg
2009-07-10cfg80211: introduce nl80211 testmode commandJohannes Berg
2009-07-10wext: default to yJohannes Berg
2009-06-03cfg80211: add rfkill supportJohannes Berg
2009-05-20mac80211/cfg80211: move wiphy specific debugfs entries to cfg80211Luis R. Rodriguez
2009-03-27cfg80211: default CONFIG_WIRELESS_OLD_REGULATORY to nLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-03-27cfg80211/nl80211: remove usage of CONFIG_NL80211Reinette Chatre
2009-03-16lib80211: silence excessive crypto debugging messagesJohn W. Linville
2008-11-25cfg80211/mac80211: Add 802.11d supportLuis R. Rodriguez
2008-11-21lib80211: absorb crypto bits from net/ieee80211John W. Linville
2008-10-31wireless: consolidate on a single escape_essid implementationJohn W. Linville
2008-10-26wireless: fix regression caused by regulatory config optionArjan van de Ven
2008-10-06wireless: fix typo in Kconfig.Davide Pesavento
2008-09-15cfg80211: Add new wireless regulatory infrastructureLuis R. Rodriguez
2008-09-02net/wireless/Kconfig: clarify the description for CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT_SYSFSFlorian Mickler
2008-07-14wext: make sysfs bits optional and deprecate themJohannes Berg
2008-01-28net/wireless/Kconfig: whitespace correctionsJohn W. Linville
2007-10-10[WIRELESS]: Fix Kconfig.Andrew Morton
2007-10-10[NL80211]: add netlink interface to cfg80211Johannes Berg
2007-04-25[WIRELESS]: Remove wext over netlink.Johannes Berg
2007-04-25[WIRELESS] cfg80211: New wireless config infrastructure.Johannes Berg
2007-04-25[WIRELESS]: Refactor wireless Kconfig.Johannes Berg