path: root/net/mac80211/mesh_plink.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-06mac80211: enable WME for peer mesh STAChun-Yeow Yeoh
2013-11-25mac80211: use put_unaligned_le16 in mesh_plink_frame_txChun-Yeow Yeoh
2013-11-25mac80211: clean up mesh local link ID generationThomas Pedersen
2013-11-25mac80211: factor out plink event gatheringThomas Pedersen
2013-11-25mac80211: factor out peering FSMThomas Pedersen
2013-11-25mac80211: assign sta plid earlyThomas Pedersen
2013-11-25mac80211: consolidate rcu unlocks in plink frame rxThomas Pedersen
2013-11-25mac80211: factor peering frame processing into own functionThomas Pedersen
2013-11-25mac80211: return -ENOMEM in mesh_plink_frame_txBob Copeland
2013-11-25mac80211: mesh_plink: don't ignore holding timerBob Copeland
2013-11-25mac80211: mesh_plink: collapse the two switch statements togetherBob Copeland
2013-11-25mac80211: mesh: rewrite rssi_threshold_check in CBob Copeland
2013-11-25mac80211: mesh_plink: group basic fitness checksBob Copeland
2013-11-25mac80211: mesh: factor out common plink close/estab codeBob Copeland
2013-11-25mac80211: hold sta->lock across plink switch statementsBob Copeland
2013-11-25mac80211: consolidate calls to plink_frame_txThomas Pedersen
2013-11-25mac80211: fix off-by-one in llid check.Bob Copeland
2013-10-28mac80211: fixes for mesh powersave logicMarco Porsch
2013-07-16mac80211: select and adjust bitrates according to channel modeSimon Wunderlich
2013-06-18mac80211: fix various components for the new 5 and 10 MHz widthsSimon Wunderlich
2013-06-11mac80211: fix mesh deadlockThomas Pedersen
2013-05-25cfg80211/mac80211: use cfg80211 wdev mutex in mac80211Johannes Berg
2013-04-16mac80211: parse VHT channel switch IEsJohannes Berg
2013-04-10mac80211: stringify another plink stateThomas Pedersen
2013-03-06mac80211: init mesh timer for user authed STAsThomas Pedersen
2013-03-06mac80211: support userspace MPMThomas Pedersen
2013-03-06mac80211: cleanup suspend/resume on mesh modeStanislaw Gruszka
2013-02-18mac80211: stringify mesh peering eventsThomas Pedersen
2013-02-18mac80211: clean up mesh HT operationThomas Pedersen
2013-02-15mac80211: clean up mesh codeJohannes Berg
2013-02-15mac80211: cache mesh beaconThomas Pedersen
2013-02-15mac80211: stop toggling IEEE80211_HT_CAP_SUP_WIDTH_20_40Johannes Berg
2013-02-15mac80211: consolidate MBSS change notificationThomas Pedersen
2013-02-11mac80211: fix mesh sta teardownThomas Pedersen
2013-02-05mac80211: stop plink timer only on mesh interfacesThomas Pedersen
2013-02-04mac80211: mesh power save basicsMarco Porsch
2013-01-29mac80211: dynamic short slot time for MBSSsThomas Pedersen
2013-01-28mac80211: fix mesh_sta_info_get() reshuffle damageThomas Pedersen
2013-01-24mac80211: support mesh rate updatesThomas Pedersen
2013-01-24mac80211: clean up mesh sta allocation warningThomas Pedersen
2013-01-16mac80211: update mesh peer link counter during userspace peeringMarco Porsch
2012-11-28mac80211: don't reinit rate control when mesh sta existsHelmut Schaa
2012-11-26mac80211: convert to channel definition structJohannes Berg
2012-11-26mac80211: remove mesh config macros from mesh_plink.cMarco Porsch
2012-10-17mac80211: move out the non-statistics variable estab_plinks from mesh_statAshok Nagarajan
2012-10-17mac80211: use channel contextsJohannes Berg
2012-09-14mac80211: allow re-open the blocked peer link in meshChun-Yeow Yeoh
2012-08-21Merge branch 'for-john' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jber...John W. Linville
2012-08-20mac80211: mesh: don't use global channel typeJohannes Berg
2012-08-13mac80211: fix unnecessary beacon update after peering status changeMarco Porsch