path: root/net/ipv4/devinet.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-02-06ipv4: Fix runtime WARNING in rtmsg_ifa()Geert Uytterhoeven
2014-01-22net/ipv4: queue work on power efficient wqviresh kumar
2014-01-14net: replace macros net_random and net_srandom with direct calls to prandomAruna-Hewapathirane
2014-01-07ipv4: loopback device: ignore value changes after device is uppedJiri Pirko
2013-12-22netconf: rename PROXY_ARP to NEIGH_PROXYstephen hemminger
2013-12-14netconf: add proxy-arp supportstephen hemminger
2013-12-11ipv4: fix wildcard search with inet_confirm_addr()Nicolas Dichtel
2013-12-10ipv4: add support for IFA_FLAGS nl attributeJiri Pirko
2013-12-09neigh: restore old behaviour of default parms valuesJiri Pirko
2013-12-09neigh: use tbl->family to distinguish ipv4 from ipv6Jiri Pirko
2013-08-09net: igmp: Allow user-space configuration of igmp unsolicited report intervalWilliam Manley
2013-08-09net: igmp: Don't flush routing cache when force_igmp_version is modifiedWilliam Manley
2013-08-03Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2013-08-02net: rtm_to_ifaddr: free ifa if ifa_cacheinfo processing failsDaniel Borkmann
2013-07-30net: remove an unneeded checkDan Carpenter
2013-06-13net: Convert uses of typedef ctl_table to struct ctl_tableJoe Perches
2013-06-12igmp: hash a hash table to speedup ip_check_mc_rcu()Eric Dumazet
2013-05-28net: pass info struct via netdevice notifierJiri Pirko
2013-04-22Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2013-04-08net: ipv4: fix schedule while atomic bug in check_lifetime()Jiri Pirko
2013-04-08net: ipv4: reset check_lifetime_work after changing lifetimeJiri Pirko
2013-04-07Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2013-04-05net: ipv4: notify when address lifetime changesJiri Pirko
2013-03-24ipv4: provide addr and netconf dump consistency infoNicolas Dichtel
2013-03-22rtnetlink: Remove passing of attributes into rtnl_doit functionsThomas Graf
2013-03-06netconf: add the handler to dump entriesNicolas Dichtel
2013-02-27hlist: drop the node parameter from iteratorsSasha Levin
2013-01-29ipv4: introduce address lifetimeJiri Pirko
2013-01-06ipv4: fix NULL checking in devinet_ioctl()Xi Wang
2012-12-04netconf: advertise mc_forwarding statusNicolas Dichtel
2012-11-18net: Enable a userns root rtnl calls that are safe for unprivilged usersEric W. Biederman
2012-11-18net: Enable some sysctls that are safe for the userns rootEric W. Biederman
2012-11-18net: Allow userns root to control ipv4Eric W. Biederman
2012-11-18net: Push capable(CAP_NET_ADMIN) into the rtnl methodsEric W. Biederman
2012-11-18net: Don't export sysctls to unprivileged usersEric W. Biederman
2012-11-01rtnl/ipv4: use netconf msg to advertise rp_filter statusNicolas Dichtel
2012-10-28rtnl/ipv4: add support of RTM_GETNETCONFNicolas Dichtel
2012-10-28rtnl/ipv4: use netconf msg to advertise forwarding statusNicolas Dichtel
2012-09-28Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2012-09-21net: change return values from -EACCES to -EPERMZhao Hongjiang
2012-09-18ipv4/route: arg delay is useless in rt_cache_flush()Nicolas Dichtel
2012-09-10netlink: Rename pid to portid to avoid confusionEric W. Biederman
2012-09-07ipv4/route: arg delay is useless in rt_cache_flush()Nicolas Dichtel
2012-08-23net: reinstate rtnl in call_netdevice_notifiers()Eric Dumazet
2012-08-22net: remove delay at device dismantleEric Dumazet
2012-08-04ipv4: change inet_addr_hash()Eric Dumazet
2012-06-12ipv4: Add interface option to enable routing of Graf
2012-05-16net: ipv4 and ipv6: Convert printk(KERN_DEBUG to pr_debugJoe Perches
2012-04-20net ipv4: Convert devinet to use register_net_sysctlEric W. Biederman
2012-04-15net: cleanup unsigned to unsigned intEric Dumazet