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2007-07-08mm: double mark_page_accessed() in read_cache_page_async()Peter Zijlstra
2007-07-06slub: remove useless EXPORT_SYMBOLChristoph Lameter
2007-07-06mm: fixup /proc/vmstat outputPeter Zijlstra
2007-07-05Fix slab redzone alignmentDavid Woodhouse
2007-07-03SLUB: Make lockdep happy by not calling add_partial with interrupts enabled d...Christoph Lameter
2007-07-01SLAB: remove WARN_ON_ONCE for zero sized objects for 2.6.22 releaseChristoph Lameter
2007-06-28mm: kill validate_anon_vma to avoid mapcount BUGHugh Dickins
2007-06-24SLUB: fix behavior if the text output of list_locations overflows PAGE_SIZEChristoph Lameter
2007-06-21[PARISC] Handle wrapping in expand_upwards()Helge Deller
2007-06-16SLUB: minimum alignment fixesChristoph Lameter
2007-06-16Rework ptep_set_access_flags and fix sun4cBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2007-06-16SLUB slab validation: Alloc while interrupts are disabled must use GFP_ATOMICChristoph Lameter
2007-06-15mm: Fix memory/cpu hotplug section mismatch and oops.Paul Mundt
2007-06-08Move three functions that are only needed for CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTPLUGStephen Rothwell
2007-06-08SLUB: return ZERO_SIZE_PTR for kmalloc(0)Christoph Lameter
2007-06-08slab: fix alien cache handlingChristoph Lameter
2007-06-08mount -t tmpfs -o mpol=: check nodes onlineHugh Dickins
2007-06-01SLUB: fix locking for hotplug callbacksChristoph Lameter
2007-06-01memory hotplug: fix unnecessary calling of init_currenty_empty_zone()Yasunori Goto
2007-06-01x86_64: allocate sparsemem memmap above 4GZou Nan hai
2007-05-31m68k: discontinuous memory supportRoman Zippel
2007-05-31SLUB: Fix NUMA / SYSFS bootstrap issueChristoph Lameter
2007-05-23SLUB Debug: fix check for super sized slabs (>512k 64bit, >256k 32bit)Christoph Lameter
2007-05-23fix unused setup_nr_node_idsMiklos Szeredi
2007-05-23SLUB Debug: Fix object size calculationChristoph Lameter
2007-05-21Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/sam/kbuild-fixLinus Torvalds
2007-05-21Detach sched.h from mm.hAlexey Dobriyan
2007-05-19mm/slab: fix section mismatch warningSam Ravnborg
2007-05-19mm: fix section mismatch warningsSam Ravnborg
2007-05-17mm: more rmap checkingNick Piggin
2007-05-17Make __vunmap staticBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2007-05-17Slab allocators: define common size limitationsChristoph Lameter
2007-05-17SLUB: Simplify debug codeChristoph Lameter
2007-05-17Remove SLAB_CTOR_CONSTRUCTORChristoph Lameter
2007-05-17SLUB: Do our own flags based on PG_active and PG_errorChristoph Lameter
2007-05-17slab: warn on zero-length allocationsChristoph Lameter
2007-05-17SLUB: Define functions for cpu slab handling instead of using PageActiveChristoph Lameter
2007-05-17Slab allocators: Drop support for destructorsChristoph Lameter
2007-05-17slob: implement RCU freeingNick Piggin
2007-05-16Fix: find_or_create_page skips cpuset memory spreading.Christoph Lameter
2007-05-16slub: don't confuse ctor and dtorHugh Dickins
2007-05-14sh64: generic quicklist support.Paul Mundt
2007-05-11consolidate generic_writepages and mpage_writepagesMiklos Szeredi
2007-05-11VM statistics: Make timer deferrableChristoph Lameter
2007-05-11Bug in mm/thrash.c function grab_swap_token()Mika Kukkonen
2007-05-10SLUB: remove nr_cpu_ids hackChristoph Lameter
2007-05-10early_pfn_to_nid needs to be __meminitStephen Rothwell
2007-05-10slub: support concurrent local and remote frees and allocs on a slabChristoph Lameter
2007-05-09Merge master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/lethal/sh-2.6Linus Torvalds
2007-05-09Fix a bad error case handling in read_cache_page_async()David Howells