path: root/kernel/kprobes.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-03-04kprobes: fix a null pointer bug in register_kretprobe()Masami Hiramatsu
2008-03-04Kprobes: indicate kretprobe support in KconfigAnanth N Mavinakayanahalli
2008-02-06kprobes: kretprobe user entry-handlerAbhishek Sagar
2008-01-30x86: kprobes: add kprobes smoke tests that run on bootAnanth N Mavinakayanahalli
2007-10-16kprobes: support kretprobe blacklistMasami Hiramatsu
2007-10-16x86: optimize page faults like all other achitectures and kill notifier cruftChristoph Hellwig
2007-08-11fix compilation with gcc 4.2Peter Chubb
2007-07-19jprobes: make jprobes a little safer for usersMichael Ellerman
2007-05-08Kprobes: The ON/OFF knob thru debugfsAnanth N Mavinakayanahalli
2007-05-08kprobes: kretprobes simplificationsChristoph Hellwig
2007-05-08kprobes: codingstyle cleanupsChristoph Hellwig
2007-05-08kprobes: use hlist_for_each_entryChristoph Hellwig
2007-05-08Simplify kallsyms_lookup()Alexey Dobriyan
2007-05-08move die notifier handling to common codeChristoph Hellwig
2007-05-08kprobes: fix sparse NULL warningRandy Dunlap
2007-02-20[PATCH] kprobes: list all active probes in the systemSrinivasa Ds
2007-01-30[PATCH] kprobes: replace magic numbers with enumMasami Hiramatsu
2006-12-07[PATCH] kprobes: enable booster on the preemptible kernelMasami Hiramatsu
2006-10-02[PATCH] kretprobe spinlock deadlock patchbibo,mao
2006-10-02[PATCH] kprobe whitespace cleanupbibo,mao
2006-10-02[PATCH] Kprobes: Make kprobe modules more portableAnanth N Mavinakayanahalli
2006-07-31[PATCH] IA64: kprobe invalidate icache of jump bufferbibo, mao
2006-06-26[PATCH] Notify page fault call chainAnil S Keshavamurthy
2006-06-26[PATCH] Kprobes registers for notify page faultAnil S Keshavamurthy
2006-06-26[PATCH] Kprobe: multi kprobe posthandler for boostermao, bibo
2006-04-20[PATCH] kprobes: NULL out non-relevant fields in struct kretprobeAnanth N Mavinakayanahalli
2006-03-26[PATCH] kretprobe instance recycled by parent processbibo mao
2006-03-23[PATCH] sem2mutex: kprobesIngo Molnar
2006-02-03[PATCH] Kprobes: Fix deadlock in function-return probesAnanth N Mavinakayanahalli
2006-02-03[PATCH] kernel/kprobes.c: fix a warning #ifndef ARCH_SUPPORTS_KRETPROBESAdrian Bunk
2006-01-11[PATCH] kprobes: fix unloading of self probed moduleKeshavamurthy Anil S
2006-01-10[PATCH] Kprobes: conversion from kcalloc to kzallocKeshavamurthy Anil S
2006-01-10[PATCH] kprobes: fix build breakageAnanth N Mavinakayanahalli
2006-01-10[PATCH] kprobes: arch_remove_kprobeAnil S Keshavamurthy
2006-01-10[PATCH] kprobes-changed-from-using-spinlock-to-mutex fixKeshavamurthy Anil S
2006-01-10[PATCH] kprobes: changed from using spinlock to mutexAnil S Keshavamurthy
2006-01-10[PATCH] kprobes: enable funcions only for required archAnil S Keshavamurthy
2005-12-12[PATCH] kprobes: increment kprobe missed count for multiprobesKeshavamurthy Anil S
2005-12-12[PATCH] kprobes: fix race in aggregate kprobe registrationKeshavamurthy Anil S
2005-12-12[PATCH] Kprobes: Reference count the modules when probed on itMao, Bibo
2005-11-07[PATCH] Kprobes: preempt_disable/enable() simplificationAnanth N Mavinakayanahalli
2005-11-07[PATCH] Kprobes: Use RCU for (un)register synchronization - base changesAnanth N Mavinakayanahalli
2005-11-07[PATCH] Kprobes: Track kprobe on a per_cpu basis - base changesAnanth N Mavinakayanahalli
2005-10-30[PATCH] fix missing includesTim Schmielau
2005-09-07[PATCH] kprobes: fix bug when probed on task and isr functionsKeshavamurthy Anil S
2005-09-07[PATCH] Kprobes: prevent possible race conditions genericPrasanna S Panchamukhi
2005-07-05[PATCH] kprobes: fix namespace problem and sparc64 buildRusty Lynch
2005-06-27[PATCH] Return probe redesign: architecture independent changesRusty Lynch
2005-06-27[PATCH] kprobes: fix single-step out of line - take2Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli
2005-06-23[PATCH] jprobes: allow a jprobe to coexist with muliple kprobesPrasanna S Panchamukhi