path: root/include/media/videobuf2-dma-contig.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-04dma-mapping: use unsigned long for dma_attrsKrzysztof Kozlowski
2016-07-08[media] vb2: replace void *alloc_ctxs by struct device *alloc_devsHans Verkuil
2016-07-08[media] vb2: move dma_attrs to vb2_queueHans Verkuil
2016-06-03media: vb2-dma-contig: add helper for setting dma max seg sizeMarek Szyprowski
2016-02-11ARM: 8508/2: videobuf2-dc: Let drivers specify DMA attrsTomasz Figa
2015-10-01[media] media: videobuf2: Replace videobuf2-core with videobuf2-v4l2Junghak Sung
2012-06-18[media] videobuf2: correct the #ifndef text mistake in videobuf2-dma-contig.hAlbert Wang
2011-09-06[media] media: vb2: dma contig allocator: use dma_addr instread of paddrMarek Szyprowski
2011-03-22[media] videobuf2-dma-contig: make cookie() return a pointer to dma_addr_tPawel Osciak
2011-03-22[media] Update Pawel Osciak's e-mail addressPawel Osciak
2011-03-21[media] v4l: videobuf2: add DMA coherent allocatorPawel Osciak