path: root/drivers/usb/serial/pl2303.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-04-16USB: pl2303: add ids for Hewlett-Packard HP POS pole displaysAaron Sanders
2011-11-15USB: serial: pl2303: rm duplicate idwangyanqing
2011-09-26USB: pl2303: add id for SMART deviceEric Benoit
2011-07-19USB: serial: add IDs for WinChipHead USB->RS232 adapterWolfgang Denk
2011-01-22drivers: update to pl2303 usb-serial to support Motorola cablesDario Lombardo
2010-08-23USB: pl2303: New vendor and product idJef Driesen
2010-05-20USB: pl2303.h: checkpatch cleanupsGreg Kroah-Hartman
2010-04-30USB: serial: pl2303: Hybrid reader Uniform HCR331Simone Contini
2010-04-22USB: pl2303: add AdLink ND-6530 USB IDsManuel Jander
2009-09-23USB: serial: pl2303: new hardware support - sanwa multimeterPawel Ludwikow
2009-08-07USB: pl2303: New vendor and product idKhanh-Dang Nguyen Thu Lam
2009-07-12USB: pl2303: New vendor and product id for the prolific driverGianpaolo Cugola
2009-04-06tty: pl2303 needs identifiers for Siemens S81 as well as EF81Alan Cox
2008-12-17USB: pl2303: add id for Hewlett-Packard LD220-HP POS pole displayMike Provencher
2008-12-17USB: add 5372:2303 to pl2303Matthew Arnold
2008-08-13USB: pl2023: Remove USB id (4348:5523) handled by ch341Tollef Fog Heen
2008-07-03USB: add a pl2303 device idGreg Kroah-Hartman
2008-05-29USB: pl2303: another product IDSteve Murphy
2008-05-20usb-serial: Use ftdi_sio driver for RATOC REX-USB60FAtsushi Nemoto
2008-03-24USB: pl2303: another product IDMax Arnold
2008-02-01USB: pl2303: add support for RATOC REX-USB60FAkira Tsukamoto
2008-02-01USB: remove duplicate entry in Option driver and Pl2303 driver for Huawei modemDaniel Kozák
2008-02-01USB: Adding YC Cable USB Serial device to pl2303Damien Stuart
2008-02-01USB: add support for 4348:5523 WinChipHead USB->RS 232 adapterPiotr Roszatycki
2007-11-28USB: pl2303: add support for Corega CG-USBRS232RMagnus Damm
2007-10-25usb: serial/pl2303: support for IO Data Device RSAQ5Masakazu Mokuno
2007-10-12usb: serial/pl2303: support for BenQ Siemens Mobile Phone EF81Andreas Loibl
2007-02-16USB: PL2303: Willcom WS002IN Support.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2006-09-28USB: Add vendor / product ID to pl2303Wesley PA4WDH
2006-09-27usb serial: support Alcor Micro Corp. USB 2.0 TO RS-232 through pl2303 driverJohannes Steingraeber
2006-08-26[PATCH] USB: pl2303: removed support for OTi's DKU-5 clone cableTomasz Kazmierczak
2006-08-02USB: New USB ID for Belkin Serial AdapterKim Oldfield
2006-07-12[PATCH] USB: Support for Susteen Datapilot Universal-2 cable in pl2303Matthew Meno
2006-07-12[PATCH] USB: Addition of vendor/product id pair for pl2303 driverPeter Moulder
2006-04-27[PATCH] USB: add new iTegno usb CDMA 1x card support for pl2303Wang Jun
2006-04-14[PATCH] USB: pl2303: added support for OTi's DKU-5 clone cableTomasz Kazmierczak
2006-03-20[PATCH] USB: support for USB-to-serial cable from Speed Dragon MultimediaDick Streefland
2006-02-13[PATCH] USB: PL2303: Leadtek 9531 GPS-MouseChristian Lindner
2006-01-31[PATCH] USB: add new pl2303 device idsDenis MONTERRAT
2006-01-31[PATCH] USB: pl2303: Added support for CA-42 clone cableMartin Gingras
2005-11-17[PATCH] USB: pl2303: adds new IDs.Luiz Fernando Capitulino
2005-09-12[PATCH] USB: PL2303: CA-42 Phone cableRobert Spanton
2005-04-18[PATCH] USB: pl2303 new vendor/model idsPeter Favrholdt
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds