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2014-08-27Revert "usb: ehci/ohci-exynos: Fix PHY getting sequence"Greg Kroah-Hartman
2014-08-27xhci: Disable streams on Via XHCI with device-id 0x3432Hans de Goede
2014-08-26usb: ehci/ohci-exynos: Fix PHY getting sequenceVivek Gautam
2014-08-25usb: ehci: using wIndex + 1 for hub portPeter Chen
2014-08-19xhci: rework cycle bit checking for new dequeue pointersMathias Nyman
2014-08-19usb: xhci: amd chipset also needs short TX quirkHuang Rui
2014-08-19xhci: Treat not finding the event_seg on COMP_STOP the same as COMP_STOP_INVALHans de Goede
2014-08-01xhci: Add missing checks for xhci_alloc_command failureHans de Goede
2014-08-01xhci: Rename Asrock P67 pci product-id to EJ168Hans de Goede
2014-08-01xhci: Blacklist using streams on the Etron EJ168 controllerHans de Goede
2014-07-18USB: OHCI: add check for stopped frame counterAlan Stern
2014-07-18USB: OHCI: add I/O watchdog for orphan TDsAlan Stern
2014-07-18USB: OHCI: make URB completions single-threadedAlan Stern
2014-07-18USB: OHCI: redesign the TD done listAlan Stern
2014-07-18USB: OHCI: no shortcut for unlinking URBS from a dead controllerAlan Stern
2014-07-18USB: OHCI: revert the ZF Micro orphan-TD quirkAlan Stern
2014-07-17USB: OHCI: don't lose track of EDs when a controller diesAlan Stern
2014-07-17USB: OHCI: fix bugs in debug routinesAlan Stern
2014-07-17USB: OHCI: add SG supportAlan Stern
2014-07-09fotg210: Use managed interfaces for allocation of resourcesHimangi Saraogi
2014-07-09uhci-platform: use devm_ioremap resourceHimangi Saraogi
2014-07-09USB: EHCI: tegra: Fix probe order issue leading to broken USBTuomas Tynkkynen
2014-07-09usb: host: uhci-grlib.c : use devm_ functionsHimangi Saraogi
2014-07-09USB: EHCI: tegra: Fix use-after-free in .remove()Tuomas Tynkkynen
2014-07-09USB: ehci-pci: USB host controller support for Intel Quark X1000Bryan O'Donoghue
2014-07-09USB: OHCI: don't allocate HCCA atomicallyVladimir Zapolskiy
2014-07-09USB: UHCI: don't allocate frame list atomicallyVladimir Zapolskiy
2014-07-09USB: EHCI: don't allocate hardware periodic table atomically by defaultVladimir Zapolskiy
2014-07-09drivers/usb/host/fhci-dbg.c: remove unnecessary null test before debugfs_removeFabian Frederick
2014-07-09USB: ehci-spear: Make of_device_id array constJingoo Han
2014-07-09USB: ehci-tegra: Make of_device_id array constJingoo Han
2014-07-09USB: ohci-spear: Make of_device_id array constJingoo Han
2014-07-09USB: ehci-msm: Make of_device_id array constJingoo Han
2014-07-09USB: oxu210hp-hcd.c: use devm_ functionsHimangi Saraogi
2014-07-09usb: host: max3421-hcd: unconditionally use GFP_ATOMIC in max3421_urb_enqueue()Alexey Khoroshilov
2014-07-09usb: host: max3421-hcd: Fix max3421_reset_port() to set USB_PORT_STAT_RESETDavid Mosberger-Tang
2014-07-09usb: host: max3421-hcd: Use atomic bitops in lieu of bit fieldsDavid Mosberger-Tang
2014-07-09usb: ehci-exynos: Use NULL instead of 0Sachin Kamat
2014-07-09usb: ohci-exynos: Use NULL instead of 0Sachin Kamat
2014-07-09usb: host: xhci-plat: add support for the R-Car H2 and M2 xHCI controllersYoshihiro Shimoda
2014-07-09usb: host: xhci-plat: use devm_functionsHimangi Saraogi
2014-07-09xhci: make error messages grepableOliver Neukum
2014-07-09xhci: Platform: Set xhci lpm support quirk based on platform dataPratyush Anand
2014-07-09xhci: Platform: Add (en/dis)able_usb3_lpm_timeoutPratyush Anand
2014-07-09xhci: A default implementation for Ux timeout calculation and tier policy checkPratyush Anand
2014-07-07Merge 3.16-rc4 into usb-nextGreg Kroah-Hartman
2014-06-30usb: Kconfig: make EHCI_MSM selectable for QCOM SOCsSrinivas Kandagatla
2014-06-24usb: xhci: Correct last context entry calculation for Configure EndpointJulius Werner
2014-06-24xhci: Fix runtime suspended xhci from blocking system suspend.Wang, Yu
2014-06-24xhci: clear root port wake on bits if controller isn't wake-up capableLu Baolu