path: root/drivers/usb/host/xhci-pci.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-01xhci: Rename Asrock P67 pci product-id to EJ168Hans de Goede
2014-08-01xhci: Blacklist using streams on the Etron EJ168 controllerHans de Goede
2014-05-27xhci: Switch only Intel Lynx Point-LP ports to EHCI on shutdown.Denis Turischev
2014-05-27xhci: unified loggig of RESET_ON_RESUMEOliver Neukum
2014-04-25xhci: extend quirk for Renesas cardsIgor Gnatenko
2014-04-25xhci: Switch Intel Lynx Point ports to EHCI on shutdown.Denis Turischev
2014-03-06xhci: Prevent runtime pm from autosuspending during initializationMathias Nyman
2014-03-04storage: accept some UAS devices if streams are unavailableOliver Neukum
2014-03-04usb/xhci: Change how we indicate a host supports Link PM.Sarah Sharp
2014-01-22xhci: Fix resume issues on Renesas chips in Samsung laptopsSarah Sharp
2013-12-24Merge 3.13-rc5 into usb-nextGreg Kroah-Hartman
2013-12-10usb: xhci: change enumeration scheme to 'new scheme' by defaultDan Williams
2013-12-10xhci: Limit the spurious wakeup fix only to HP machinesTakashi Iwai
2013-10-09xhci: Fix spurious wakeups after S5 on HaswellTakashi Iwai
2013-10-09xhci: quirk for extra long delay for S4Oliver Neukum
2013-09-25USB: fix PM config symbol in uhci-hcd, ehci-hcd, and xhci-hcdAlan Stern
2013-08-13xhci: add trace for debug messages related to quirksXenia Ragiadakou
2013-07-29Merge 3.11-rc3 into usb-nextGreg Kroah-Hartman
2013-07-25usb: host: xhci: Enable XHCI_SPURIOUS_SUCCESS for all controllers with xhci 1.0George Cherian
2013-07-23Intel xhci: refactor EHCI/xHCI port switchingMathias Nyman
2013-05-24xhci: Disable D3cold for buggy TI redrivers.Sarah Sharp
2013-03-25usb: add find_raw_port_number callback to struct hc_driver()Lan Tianyu
2012-11-12usb: host: xhci: move HC_STATE_SUSPENDED check to xhci_suspend()Felipe Balbi
2012-11-12xhci: Extend Fresco Logic MSI quirk.Sarah Sharp
2012-09-25xhci: Intel Panther Point BEI quirk.Sarah Sharp
2012-08-09xhci: Switch PPT ports to EHCI on shutdown.Sarah Sharp
2012-08-07xhci: Add Etron XHCI_TRUST_TX_LENGTH quirk.Sarah Sharp
2012-05-18xhci: Add Intel U1/U2 timeout policy.Sarah Sharp
2012-05-18xhci: Add infrastructure for host-specific LPM policies.Sarah Sharp
2012-05-17xhci: Add new short TX quirk for Fresco Logic host.Sarah Sharp
2012-04-11xHCI: add XHCI_RESET_ON_RESUME quirk for VIA xHCI hostElric Fu
2012-04-10usb: xhci: fix section mismatch in linux-nextGerard Snitselaar
2011-10-31usb: Add module.h to drivers/usb consumers who really use it.Paul Gortmaker
2011-09-26usb/xhci: remove CONFIG_PCI in xhci.c's probe functionSebastian Andrzej Siewior
2011-09-26usb/xhci: move xhci_gen_setup() away from -pci.Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
2011-09-26usb/xhci: refactor xhci_pci_setup()Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
2011-09-26xHCI: AMD isoc link TRB chain bit quirkAndiry Xu
2011-09-26xHCI: set USB2 hardware LPMAndiry Xu
2011-09-26xHCI: test USB2 software LPMAndiry Xu
2011-09-18USB: irq: Remove IRQF_DISABLEDYong Zhang
2011-09-09xhci: Add software BW checking quirk to Intel PPT xHCISarah Sharp
2011-06-17xhci: Add reset on resume quirk for asrock p67 hostMaarten Lankhorst
2011-06-02xhci: Disable MSI for some Fresco Logic hosts.Sarah Sharp
2011-05-27Intel xhci: Limit number of active endpoints to 64.Sarah Sharp
2011-05-27Intel xhci: Ignore spurious successful event.Sarah Sharp
2011-05-27Intel xhci: Support EHCI/xHCI port switching.Sarah Sharp
2011-04-29xhci-hcd: Include <linux/slab.h> in xhci-pci.cBen Hutchings
2011-04-13xHCI: Implement AMD PLL quirkAndiry Xu
2011-03-13xhci: Fixes for suspend/resume of shared HCDs.Sarah Sharp
2011-03-13xhci: Register second xHCI roothub.Sarah Sharp