path: root/drivers/usb/host/isp1760-hcd.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-12-08usb: hcd: move controller wakeup setting initialization to individual driverPeter Chen
2013-05-15USB: remove remaining instances of USB_SUSPENDAlan Stern
2013-01-30usb/isp1760: declare schedule_ptds() and errata2_function() staticArvid Brodin
2012-04-18isp1760-hcd: fix possible memory leak if urb could not be enqueuedMichael Grzeschik
2012-04-18isp1760-hcd: move dequeued qtds to the front in qhMichael Grzeschik
2012-04-18isp1760-hcd: don't confuse parsers on kmem_cache_createMichael Grzeschik
2011-11-26usb/isp1760: Fix race condition memory leakArvid Brodin
2011-11-26usb/isp1760: Simpler queue head list code.Arvid Brodin
2011-10-19usb/isp1760: Allow to optionally trigger low-level chip reset via GPIOLIB.Joachim Foerster
2011-08-22usb/isp1760: Clear TT buffer on interrupted low & full speed transfersArvid Brodin
2011-08-22usb/isp1760: Fix problems that trigger WARNING at line 1136.Arvid Brodin
2011-08-22usb/isp1760: Fix missing endpoint unlink when no mem during enqueueArvid Brodin
2011-08-22usb/isp1760: Use polling instead of SOF interrupts to fix Errata 2Arvid Brodin
2011-08-22usb/isp1760: Move isp1760_run within file (prepare for next patch)Arvid Brodin
2011-08-22usb/isp1760: Move some code (prepare for next patch)Arvid Brodin
2011-08-08usb/isp1760: Added missing call to usb_hcd_check_unlink_urb() during unlinkArvid Brodin
2011-06-27usb/isp1760: Fix bug preventing the unlinking of control urbsArvid Brodin
2011-05-19usb/isp1760: Fix possible unlink problemsArvid Brodin
2011-05-19usb/isp1760: Move function isp1760_endpoint_disable() within file.Arvid Brodin
2011-05-02usb/isp1760: Improve urb queueing, get rid of BUG():s in normal code pathsArvid Brodin
2011-05-02usb/isp1760: Report correct urb status after unlinkArvid Brodin
2011-05-02usb/isp1760: Remove unneeded OR map and HcBufferStatus codeArvid Brodin
2011-05-02usb/isp1760: Clean up urb enqueueingArvid Brodin
2011-05-02usb/isp1760: Remove false error printoutArvid Brodin
2011-04-14Revert "USB: isp1760-hcd: move imask clear after pending work is done"Greg Kroah-Hartman
2011-04-13USB: isp1760-hcd: move imask clear after pending work is doneRichard Retanubun
2011-04-13usb: fix ips1760-hcd printk format warningRandy Dunlap
2011-03-13USB 3.0 Hub ChangesJohn Youn
2011-03-13USB: Remove bitmap #define from hcd.hSarah Sharp
2011-03-07usb/isp1760: Fix crash when unplugging bugArvid Brodin
2011-02-28usb/isp1760: Handle toggle bit in queue heads onlyArvid Brodin
2011-02-28usb/isp1760: Replace period calculation for INT packets with something readableArvid Brodin
2011-02-28usb/isp1760: Consolidate printouts and remove unused codeArvid Brodin
2011-02-28usb/isp1760: Remove redundant "data_buffer" member from struct inter_packet_infoArvid Brodin
2011-02-28usb/isp1760: Clean up payload address handlingArvid Brodin
2011-02-28usb/isp1760: Remove redundant variables and definesArvid Brodin
2011-02-28usb/isp1760: Move to native-endian ptdsArvid Brodin
2011-02-17USB: isp1760: Implement solution for erratum 2Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
2010-08-23USB: isp1760: use a write barrier to ensure proper ndelay timingMichael Hennerich
2010-08-10USB: convert usb_hcd bitfields into atomic flagsAlan Stern
2010-05-20USB: isp1760: Soften DW3 X/transaction error bit handlingAnton Vorontsov
2010-05-20USB: straighten out port feature vs. port status usageAlan Stern
2010-05-20USB: remove bogus USB_PORT_FEAT_*_SPEED symbolsAlan Stern
2010-05-20USB: make hcd.h public (drivers dependency)Eric Lescouet
2010-03-02USB: isp1760: Flush the D-cache for the pipe-in transfer buffersCatalin Marinas
2010-01-20USB: Fix level of isp1760 Reloading ptd error messageColin Tuckley
2009-09-23USB: isp1760: allow platform devices to customize devflagsMichael Hennerich
2009-05-28USB: isp1760: urb_dequeue doesn't always find the urbsWarren Free
2009-03-24USB: isp1760: Add a delay before reading the SKIPMAP registers in isp1760-hcd.cCatalin Marinas
2009-03-24USB: replace uses of __constant_{endian}Harvey Harrison