path: root/drivers/usb/host/ehci-sched.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-07-12USB: EHCI cpufreq fixStuart_Hayes@Dell.com
2007-02-07USB: Implement support for EHCI with big endian MMIOBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2006-10-05IRQ: Maintain regs pointer globally rather than passing to IRQ handlersDavid Howells
2006-09-27USB: EHCI whitespace fixes (cosmetic)David Brownell
2006-06-21[PATCH] improved TT scheduling for EHCIDan Streetman
2006-03-20[PATCH] USB: kzalloc() conversion for rest of drivers/usbEric Sesterhenn
2006-03-20[PATCH] USB core and HCDs: don't put_device while atomicAlan Stern
2006-03-20[PATCH] USB: EHCI full speed ISO bugfixesClemens Ladisch
2006-01-31[PATCH] USB EHCI: fix gfp_t sparse warningRandy Dunlap
2006-01-31[PATCH] USB: EHCI, another full speed iso fixClemens Ladisch
2005-11-29[PATCH] USB: Fix USB suspend/resume crasher (#2)Benjamin Herrenschmidt
2005-10-28[PATCH] gfp_t: drivers/usbAl Viro
2005-09-08[PATCH] ehci: add tt_usecsdavid-b@pacbell.net
2005-09-07[PATCH] USB: convert kcalloc to kzallocPekka Enberg
2005-08-04[PATCH] USB: ehci: microframe handling fixDavid Brownell
2005-07-12[PATCH] USB: Fix kmalloc's flags type in USBOlav Kongas
2005-06-27[PATCH] USB: ehci-hcd - fix page pointer allocation in itd_patch()David Brownell
2005-04-18[PATCH] USB: hcd suspend uses pm_message_tDavid Brownell
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds