path: root/drivers/usb/host/ehci-hub.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-04-24USB: EHCI: Export the ehci_hub_control functionLaurent Pinchart
2014-02-18USB: EHCI: add delay during suspend to prevent erroneous wakeupsAlan Stern
2013-12-03ehci: no conditional compilation for interestingnessOliver Neukum
2013-08-30ehci: remove ehci_vdbg() verbose debugging statementsXenia Ragiadakou
2013-08-14usb: host: add Kconfig option for EHSETJack Pham
2013-08-13Merge tag 'usb-for-v3.12' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ba...Greg Kroah-Hartman
2013-08-12usb: ehci: Add support for SINGLE_STEP_SET_FEATURE test of EHSETManu Gautam
2013-08-12USB: EHCI: improve interrupt qh unlinkMing Lei
2013-08-12usb: host: add has_tdi_phy_lpm capability bitTuomas Tynkkynen
2013-08-02USB: EHCI: don't depend on hardware for tracking port resets and resumesAlan Stern
2013-08-02USB: EHCI: keep better track of resuming portsAlan Stern
2013-07-22USB: EHCI: Fix resume signalling on remote wakeupRoger Quadros
2013-06-17USB: EHCI: export ehci_handshake for ehci-hcd sub-driversManjunath Goudar
2013-05-20usb: ehci: Only sleep for post-resume handover if devices use persistJulius Werner
2013-04-03EHCI: Quirk flag for port power handling on overcurrent.Christian Engelmayer
2013-03-20Merge branch 'usb-linus' into usb-nextGreg Kroah-Hartman
2013-03-18USB: EHCI: don't turn on PORT_SUSPEND during port resumeAlan Stern
2013-03-18USB: EHCI: improve use of per-port status-change bitsAlan Stern
2013-03-15USB: EHCI: fix regression during bus resumeAlan Stern
2013-01-25USB: EHCI: fix timer bug affecting port resumeAlan Stern
2013-01-25USB: EHCI: notify usbcore about port resumesAlan Stern
2012-11-01USB: EHCI: prepare to make ehci-hcd a library moduleAlan Stern
2012-10-31USB: EHCI: remove ehci_port_power() routineAlan Stern
2012-10-31USB: EHCI: remove unused Link Power Management codeAlan Stern
2012-10-24USB: EHCI: add condition for delay during the resumePeter Chen
2012-09-18USB EHCI/Xen: propagate controller reset information to hypervisorJan Beulich
2012-07-16USB: EHCI: resolve some unlikely racesAlan Stern
2012-07-16USB: EHCI: fix up lockingAlan Stern
2012-07-16USB: EHCI: use hrtimer for the I/O watchdogAlan Stern
2012-07-16USB: EHCI: use hrtimer for unlinking empty async QHsAlan Stern
2012-07-16USB: EHCI: unlink multiple async QHs togetherAlan Stern
2012-07-16USB: EHCI: use hrtimer for the IAA watchdogAlan Stern
2012-07-16USB: EHCI: use hrtimer for (s)iTD deallocationAlan Stern
2012-07-16USB: EHCI: use hrtimer for interrupt QH unlinkAlan Stern
2012-07-16USB: EHCI: introduce high-res timerAlan Stern
2012-07-16USB: EHCI: add new root-hub state: STOPPINGAlan Stern
2012-07-16USB: EHCI: rename "reclaim"Alan Stern
2012-07-16USB: EHCI: remove unneeded suspend/resume codeAlan Stern
2012-07-09EHCI: centralize controller suspend/resumeAlan Stern
2012-06-26USB: EHCI: define extension registers like normal onesAlan Stern
2012-06-13USB: move transceiver from ehci_hcd and ohci_hcd to hcd and rename it as phyRichard Zhao
2012-04-23EHCI: maintain the ehci->command value properlyAlan Stern
2012-04-22Merge 3.4-rc4 into usb-next.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2012-04-19USB: EHCI: remove PORT_RWC_BITS when clearing USB_PORT_FEAT_ENABLEStephen Warren
2012-04-18USB: EHCI: remove wrong debug message for port speedPeter Chen
2012-04-09EHCI: keep track of ports being resumed and indicate in hub_status_dataAlan Stern
2012-03-01Merge tag 'xceiv-for-v3.4' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/b...Greg Kroah-Hartman
2012-02-27usb: otg: Convert all users to pass struct usb_otg for OTG functionsHeikki Krogerus
2012-02-15usb: host: ehci: allow ehci_* symbols to be unusedFelipe Balbi
2011-08-29Merge 3.1-rc4 into usb-nextGreg Kroah-Hartman