path: root/drivers/staging/dgnc/dgnc_tty.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-01staging: dgnc: Remove unneeded dgnc_trace.c and dgnc_trace.hSeunghun Lee
2014-07-27staging: dgnc: remove commented codeSeunghun Lee
2014-07-09staging: dgnc: remove redundant memset callDaeseok Youn
2014-07-09staging: dgnc: removes unreachable codeDaeseok Youn
2014-07-09staging: dgnc: Fix unsigned value for less than zeroDaeseok Youn
2014-07-09staging: dgnc: remove redundant null check for kfree()Daeseok Youn
2014-05-24staging: dgnc: dgnc_tty: Remove a prohibited spaceMasaru Nomura
2014-05-24staging: dgnc: dgnc_tty: Add a required spaceMasaru Nomura
2014-05-18staging: dgnc: Remove extra curly bracesMasaru Nomura
2014-05-18staging: dgnc: Put else statements on the right lineMasaru Nomura
2014-03-17staging:dgnc: Removed assignments from if statements.Chi Pham
2014-03-17staging: dgnc: replace unnecessary while() with if()Daeseok Youn
2013-10-11staging: dgnc: dgnc_tty: Do not use 0 for NULL pointerSachin Kamat
2013-10-05staging: dgnc: changes arguments in sizeofLidza Louina
2013-09-25staging: dgnc: removes LINUX_VERSION_CODE conditionalsLidza Louina
2013-09-17staging: dgnc: Fix typo in staging/dgncMasanari Iida
2013-09-17staging: dgnc: removes parentheses around return statementsLidza Louina
2013-09-17staging: dgnc: renames board_t to dgnc_boardLidza Louina
2013-08-27staging: dgnc: driver.c and tty.c: replaces dgnc_driver_kzmalloc with kzallocLidza Louina
2013-08-27staging: dgnc: tty.c: updates uart_struct declaration for sparseLidza Louina
2013-08-26staging: dgnc: tty.c: edits var in init func for sparseLidza Louina
2013-08-21staging: dgnc: tty.c: fixes code indent errorLidza Louina
2013-08-21staging: dgnc: tty.c: fixes pointer syntaxLidza Louina
2013-08-21staging: dgnc: removes CVS code from filesLidza Louina
2013-08-21staging: dgnc: tty.c: removes trailing whitespaceLidza Louina
2013-08-14staging: dgnc: removes read_cnt, real_raw, rawreadok and bufLidza Louina
2013-08-14staging: dgnc: fixes ioctl param listLidza Louina
2013-08-14staging: dgcn: removes unnecessary commands in ioctlLidza Louina
2013-08-14staging: dgnc: dereferences ts var in dgnc_tty_close()Lidza Louina
2013-08-14staging: dgnc: fixes tty_port and tty_struct paramsLidza Louina
2013-08-14staging: dgnc: fixes termios errorLidza Louina
2013-08-02staging: dgnc: add dgnc digi driverLidza Louina