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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-20x86/boot: Fix memremap() related build failureIngo Molnar
2017-07-18x86, mpparse, x86/acpi, x86/PCI, x86/dmi, SFI: Use memremap() for RAM mappingsTom Lendacky
2014-12-03SFI: fix compiler warningsAndy Shevchenko
2013-12-07SFI / ACPI: Fix warnings reported during builds with W=1Lv Zheng
2013-12-07ACPI: Clean up inclusions of ACPI header filesLv Zheng
2011-10-31drivers/sfi: sfi_acpi.c needs sysfs.hRandy Dunlap
2011-03-31Fix common misspellingsLucas De Marchi
2011-01-11SFI: use ioremap_cache() instead of ioremap()Len Brown
2010-06-01SFI: do not return freed pointerDan Carpenter
2010-05-27SFI: add sysfs interface for SFI tables.Feng Tang
2010-05-25SFI: add support for v0.81 specFeng Tang
2009-10-03SFI: remove __init from sfi_verify_tableArjan van de Ven
2009-10-03SFI: fix section mismatch warnings in sfi_core.cRakib Mullick
2009-09-15SFI: remove unneeded includesFeng Tang
2009-08-28SFI: add capability to parse ACPI tablesFeng Tang
2009-08-28SFI: add platform-independent core supportFeng Tang
2009-08-28SFI: Simple Firmware Interface - MAINTAINERS, KconfigLen Brown