path: root/drivers/scsi/scsi_scan.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-02scsi: sd: Implement blacklist option for WRITE SAME w/ UNMAPMartin K. Petersen
2017-08-25scsi: Document which queue type a function is intended forBart Van Assche
2017-07-06Merge tag 'scsi-misc' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsiLinus Torvalds
2017-07-01scsi: Add STARGET_CREATED_REMOVE state to scsi_target_stateEwan D. Milne
2017-06-26scsi: remove various unused blist flagsChristoph Hellwig
2017-06-12scsi: Protect SCSI device state changes with a mutexBart Van Assche
2017-05-16scsi: fix some kernel-doc markupsMauro Carvalho Chehab
2016-10-11scsi: Remove one useless stack variableMing Lei
2016-10-11scsi: Fix use-after-freeMing Lei
2016-08-31scsi: move function declarations to scsi_priv.hBaoyou Xie
2016-04-15scsi: Add intermediate STARGET_REMOVE state to scsi_target_stateJohannes Thumshirn
2016-04-11scsi: disable automatic target scanHannes Reinecke
2016-02-23scsi_dh: add 'rescan' callbackHannes Reinecke
2016-02-23scsi_dh_alua: Add new blacklist flag 'BLIST_SYNC_ALUA'Hannes Reinecke
2016-02-23scsi: Export function scsi_scan.c:sanitize_inquiry_stringDon Brace
2016-01-07Merge branch 'jejb-scsi' into miscJames Bottomley
2015-12-03Merge branch 'mkp-fixes' into fixesJames Bottomley
2015-11-30scsi: rescan VPD attributesHannes Reinecke
2015-11-19scsi: report 'INQUIRY result too short' once per hostVitaly Kuznetsov
2015-11-12Merge tag '4.4-scsi-mkp' into miscJames Bottomley
2015-11-11scsi_scan: don't dump trace when scsi_prep_async_scan() is called twiceVitaly Kuznetsov
2015-11-09scsi: use host wide tags by defaultChristoph Hellwig
2015-11-02SCSI: Increase REPORT_LUNS timeoutBrian King
2015-06-01Move code that is used both by initiator and target driversBart Van Assche
2015-05-25scsi_scan: fix queue depth initialisation problemJames Bottomley
2015-04-27SCSI: add 1024 max sectors black list flagMike Christie
2015-03-19scsi: serialize ->rescan against ->removeChristoph Hellwig
2015-02-12Merge branch 'for-3.20/core' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-blockLinus Torvalds
2015-01-23block: support different tag allocation policyShaohua Li
2015-01-09scsi: retry report-luns when reported LU count requres more memoryRob Evers
2015-01-09scsi: use set/get_unaligned_be32 in report_lunsRob Evers
2015-01-09scsi: avoid unnecessary GFP_ATOMIC allocation in scsi_report_lun_scanRob Evers
2014-12-08Merge remote-tracking branch 'scsi-queue/drivers-for-3.19' into for-linusJames Bottomley
2014-11-24scsi: remove scsi_driver owner fieldChristoph Hellwig
2014-11-24scsi: drop reason argument from ->change_queue_depthChristoph Hellwig
2014-11-12scsi: don't set tagging state from scsi_adjust_queue_depthChristoph Hellwig
2014-11-12scsi: always assign block layer tags if enabledChristoph Hellwig
2014-11-12scsi: fix off-by-one LUN check in scsi_scan_host_selected()Mark Knibbs
2014-11-12scsi: fix trivial typos in scsi_scan.c commentMark Knibbs
2014-10-01scsi: don't add scsi_device if its already visibleSubhash Jadavani
2014-10-01scsi: fix the type for well known LUsSubhash Jadavani
2014-09-15scsi: don't store LUN bits in CDB[1] for USB mass-storage devicesAlan Stern
2014-07-29scsi: do not issue SCSI RSOC command to Promise Vtrak E610fJanusz Dziemidowicz
2014-07-25scsi: add a blacklist flag which enables VPD page inquiriesMartin K. Petersen
2014-07-25scsi: move the writeable field from struct scsi_device to struct scsi_cdChristoph Hellwig
2014-07-25scsi: add support for a blk-mq based I/O path.Christoph Hellwig
2014-07-17scsi: use dev_printk variants where possibleHannes Reinecke
2014-07-17scsi_scan: Fixup scsilun_to_int()Hannes Reinecke
2014-07-17scsi: use 64-bit value for 'max_luns'Hannes Reinecke
2014-07-17scsi: use 64-bit LUNsHannes Reinecke