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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-11net: ethernet: ti: cpsw: fix runtime_pm while add/kill vlanIvan Khoronzhuk
2018-08-11net: ethernet: ti: cpsw: clear all entries when delete vidIvan Khoronzhuk
2018-08-08net: aquantia: Fix IFF_ALLMULTI flag functionalityDmitry Bogdanov
2018-08-08net/mlx5e: Cleanup of dcbnl related fieldsHuy Nguyen
2018-08-08net/mlx5e: Properly check if hairpin is possible between two functionsOr Gerlitz
2018-08-07net: thunderx: check for failed allocation lmac->dmacsColin Ian King
2018-08-07cxgb4: mk_act_open_req() buggers ->{local, peer}_ip on big-endian hostsAl Viro
2018-08-03mlxsw: core_acl_flex_actions: Remove redundant mirror resource destructionNir Dotan
2018-08-03mlxsw: core_acl_flex_actions: Remove redundant counter destructionNir Dotan
2018-08-03mlxsw: core_acl_flex_actions: Remove redundant resource destructionNir Dotan
2018-08-03mlxsw: core_acl_flex_actions: Return error for conflicting actionsNir Dotan
2018-08-01net: stmmac: Fix WoL for PCI-based setupsJose Abreu
2018-07-31enic: do not call enic_change_mtu in enic_probeGovindarajulu Varadarajan
2018-07-31net/mlx5e: IPoIB, Set the netdevice sw mtu in ipoib enhanced flowFeras Daoud
2018-07-31net/mlx5e: Fix null pointer access when setting MTU of vport representorAdi Nissim
2018-07-31net/mlx5e: Set port trust mode to PCP as defaultOr Gerlitz
2018-07-31net/mlx5e: E-Switch, Initialize eswitch only if eswitch managerEli Cohen
2018-07-29NET: stmmac: align DMA stuff to largest cache line lengthEugeniy Paltsev
2018-07-28enic: handle mtu change for vf properlyGovindarajulu Varadarajan
2018-07-28nfp: flower: fix port metadata conversion bugJohn Hurley
2018-07-26net: ena: Fix use of uninitialized DMA address bits fieldGal Pressman
2018-07-26net: fix amd-xgbe flow-control issuetangpengpeng
2018-07-25cxgb4: Added missing break in ndo_udp_tunnel_{add/del}Arjun Vynipadath
2018-07-25hinic: Link the logical network device to the pci device in sysfsdann frazier
2018-07-24net: axienet: Fix double deregister of mdioShubhrajyoti Datta
2018-07-24bnx2x: Fix invalid memory access in rss hash config path.Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru
2018-07-24net/mlx4_core: Save the qpn from the input modifier in RST2INIT wrapperJack Morgenstein
2018-07-24r8169: restore previous behavior to accept BIOS WoL settingsHeiner Kallweit
2018-07-22net: prevent ISA drivers from building on PPC32Randy Dunlap
2018-07-22nfp: flower: ensure dead neighbour entries are not offloadedJohn Hurley
2018-07-22atl1c: reserve min skb headroomFlorian Westphal
2018-07-21qed: Correct Multicast API to reflect existence of 256 approximate buckets.Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru
2018-07-21qed: Fix possible race for the link state value.Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru
2018-07-21qed: Fix link flap issue due to mismatching EEE capabilities.Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru
2018-07-21Merge tag 'mlx5-fixes-2018-07-18' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kerne...David S. Miller
2018-07-19net-next/hinic: fix a problem in hinic_xmit_frame()Zhao Chen
2018-07-18Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netLinus Torvalds
2018-07-18net/mlx5e: Only allow offloading decap egress (egdev) flowsRoi Dayan
2018-07-18net/mlx5: Fix QP fragmented buffer allocationTariq Toukan
2018-07-18net/mlx5: Fix 'DON'T_TRAP' functionalityRaed Salem
2018-07-18net/mlx5: E-Switch, UBSAN fix undefined behavior in mlx5_eswitch_modeSaeed Mahameed
2018-07-18net/mlx5e: Don't allow aRFS for encapsulated packetsEran Ben Elisha
2018-07-18net/mlx5e: Fix quota counting in aRFS expire flowEran Ben Elisha
2018-07-18net/mlx5: Adjust clock overflow work periodAriel Levkovich
2018-07-18net/mlx5e: Refine ets validation functionShay Agroskin
2018-07-18net: cavium: Add fine-granular dependencies on PCIAlexander Sverdlin
2018-07-18net: qca_spi: Fix log level if probe failsStefan Wahren
2018-07-18net: qca_spi: Make sure the QCA7000 reset is triggeredStefan Wahren
2018-07-18net: qca_spi: Avoid packet drop during initial syncStefan Wahren
2018-07-18net: cxgb3_main: fix potential Spectre v1Gustavo A. R. Silva