path: root/drivers/infiniband/core/uverbs_cmd.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-20RDMA/uverbs: Fix validity check for modify QPMajd Dibbiny
2018-08-16Merge tag 'v4.18' into rdma.git for-nextJason Gunthorpe
2018-08-01IB/uverbs: Do not pass struct ib_device to the write based methodsJason Gunthorpe
2018-08-01IB/uverbs: Make the write path destroy methods use the same flow as ioctlJason Gunthorpe
2018-07-30RDMA/core: Check for verbs callbacks before using themKamal Heib
2018-07-30RDMA, core and ULPs: Declare ib_post_send() and ib_post_recv() arguments constBart Van Assche
2018-07-25IB/uverbs: Fix locking around struct ib_uverbs_file ucontextJason Gunthorpe
2018-07-25IB/uverbs: Always propagate errors from rdma_alloc_commit_uobject()Jason Gunthorpe
2018-07-25IB/uverbs: Rework the locking for cleaning up the ucontextJason Gunthorpe
2018-07-25IB/uverbs: Handle IDR and FD types without truncationJason Gunthorpe
2018-07-24RDMA/uverbs: Expand primary and alt AV port checksJack Morgenstein
2018-07-24IB: Support ib_flow creation in driversYishai Hadas
2018-07-10IB/uverbs: Pass IB_UVERBS_QPF_GRH_REQUIRED to user spaceArtemy Kovalyov
2018-07-10RDMA: Fix storage of PortInfo CapabilityMask in the kernelJason Gunthorpe
2018-07-09IB/uverbs: Replace ib_ucq_object uverbs_file with the one in ib_uobjectJason Gunthorpe
2018-07-09IB/uverbs: Remove ib_uobject_fileJason Gunthorpe
2018-07-09IB/uverbs: Replace file->ucontext with file in uverbs_cmd.cJason Gunthorpe
2018-07-09IB/uverbs: Move non driver related elements from ib_ucontext to ib_ufileJason Gunthorpe
2018-07-09IB/uverbs: Add a uobj_perform_destroy helperJason Gunthorpe
2018-07-03RDMA/uverbs: Don't fail in creation of multiple flowsLeon Romanovsky
2018-06-29IB: Improve uverbs_cleanup_ucontext algorithmYishai Hadas
2018-06-26RDMA/uverbs: Remove redundant checkLeon Romanovsky
2018-06-26RDMA/uverbs: Don't overwrite NULL pointer with ZERO_SIZE_PTRLeon Romanovsky
2018-06-25RDMA/uverbs: Fix slab-out-of-bounds in ib_uverbs_ex_create_flowLeon Romanovsky
2018-06-25RDMA/uverbs: Protect from attempts to create flows on unsupported QPLeon Romanovsky
2018-06-25RDMA/verbs: Drop kernel variant of destroy_flowLeon Romanovsky
2018-06-25RDMA/uverbs: Check existence of create_flow callbackJason Gunthorpe
2018-06-18IB/core: add max_send_sge and max_recv_sge attributesSteve Wise
2018-06-18IB: Ensure that all rdma_ah_attr's are zero initializedParav Pandit
2018-06-18RDMA/uverbs: Refactor flow_resources_alloc() functionLeon Romanovsky
2018-06-12Convert infiniband uverbs to struct_sizeMatthew Wilcox
2018-06-04Merge tag 'verbs_flow_counters' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/...Jason Gunthorpe
2018-06-02IB/uverbs: Add support for flow countersRaed Salem
2018-06-02IB/core: Support passing uhw for create_flowMatan Barak
2018-05-16IB/uverbs: Introduce a MPLS steering match filterAriel Levkovich
2018-05-16IB/uverbs: Introduce a GRE steering match filterAriel Levkovich
2018-04-27IB/uverbs: Fix kernel crash during MR deregistration flowAriel Levkovich
2018-04-27IB/uverbs: Prevent reregistration of DM_MR to regular MRAriel Levkovich
2018-04-05IB/uverbs: Add device memory capabilities reportingAriel Levkovich
2018-04-04IB/uverbs: Introduce ESP steering match filterMatan Barak
2018-04-04IB/uverbs: Add action_handle flow steering specificationMatan Barak
2018-04-04IB/uverbs: Refactor kern_spec_to_ib_spec_filterMatan Barak
2018-03-29RDMA: Use u64_to_user_ptr everywhereJason Gunthorpe
2018-03-19IB/uverbs: Move to new headers and make naming consistentMatan Barak
2018-03-14RDMA/uverbs: Ensure validity of current QP state valueLeon Romanovsky
2018-03-08RDMA/nldev: provide detailed MR informationSteve Wise
2018-02-21RDMA/uverbs: Fix kernel panic while using XRC_TGT QP typeLeon Romanovsky
2018-02-16RDMA/restrack: don't use uaccess_kernel()Steve Wise
2018-02-16RDMA/verbs: Check existence of function prior to accessing itLeon Romanovsky
2018-02-15RDMA/uverbs: Sanitize user entered port numbers prior to access itLeon Romanovsky