path: root/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/trinity_dpm.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-15drm/radeon: add bapm module parameterAlex Deucher
2014-07-21drm/radeon/TN: only enable bapm on MSI systemsAlex Deucher
2014-07-01drm/radeon: enable bapm by default on desktop TN/RL boardsAlex Deucher
2014-02-18drm/radeon/dpm: move platform caps fetching to a separate functionAlex Deucher
2014-02-06drm/radeon/dpm: use the driver state for dpm debugfsAlex Deucher
2014-01-07drm/radeon/dpm: make some functions static for TNAlex Deucher
2013-12-24drm/radeon/dpm: switch on new late_enable callbackAlex Deucher
2013-12-24drm/radeon/dpm: add late_enable for trinityAlex Deucher
2013-11-15drm/radeon: adjust TN dpm parameters for stability (v2)Alex Deucher
2013-10-09drm/radeon/dpm: disable bapm on TN asicsAlex Deucher
2013-09-15drm/radeon/dpm: rework auto performance level enableAlex Deucher
2013-09-11drm/radeon/dpm: add bapm callback for trinityAlex Deucher
2013-09-11drm/radeon/dpm: handle bapm on trinityAlex Deucher
2013-08-30drm/radeon: gcc fixes for trinity dpmAlex Deucher
2013-07-05drm/radeon/dpm: implement force performance level for TNAlex Deucher
2013-07-03drm/radeon/tn: disable PG when changing UVD clocksAlex Deucher
2013-07-02drm/radeon/dpm: fix compilation with certain versions of gccMike Lothian
2013-07-01drm/radeon/dpm: add debugfs support for TNAlex Deucher
2013-06-27drm/radeon/dpm/trinity: properly catch errors in dpm setupAlex Deucher
2013-06-27drm/radeon/dpm: remove local sumo_get_xclk()Alex Deucher
2013-06-27drm/radeon/dpm: add pre/post_set_power_state callback (TN)Alex Deucher
2013-06-27drm/radeon/dpm/tn: restructure codeAlex Deucher
2013-06-27drm/radeon/dpm: fixup dynamic state adjust for TNAlex Deucher
2013-06-27drm/radeon: add dpm UVD handling for TN asics (v2)Alex Deucher
2013-06-27drm/radeon/kms: add dpm support for trinity asicsAlex Deucher