path: root/crypto/chacha20_generic.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-29crypto: chacha20 - Fix keystream alignment for chacha20_block()Eric Biggers
2017-11-29crypto: chacha20 - Remove cra_alignmaskEric Biggers
2017-11-29crypto: chacha20 - Use unaligned access macros when loading key and IVEric Biggers
2017-11-29crypto: chacha20 - Fix unaligned access when loading constantsEric Biggers
2017-08-22crypto: chacha20 - fix handling of chunked inputArd Biesheuvel
2016-12-27crypto: chacha20 - convert generic and x86 versions to skcipherArd Biesheuvel
2016-07-03random: replace non-blocking pool with a Chacha20-based CRNGTheodore Ts'o
2015-07-17crypto: chacha20 - Export common ChaCha20 helpersMartin Willi
2015-06-04crypto: chacha20 - Add a generic ChaCha20 stream cipher implementationMartin Willi